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Recent content by ge77inhigh

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    Heritage Punjab Heritage To Be Featured In Hollywood?

    Hollywood is racist enough already i wonder how this will turn out. Bollywood has been putting Sikhs down since it's beginning.
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    Alcohol Good For The Heart? Not Really!

    well ,it will not be a sin. As a Sikh, i don't believe in ******** of sin. I think the reason Gurbani doesn't want people to drink is due to problems it can cause in people's life. Any thing relating to medical reason will never be a sin. I drink and i smoke but i focus on my actions rather than...
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    USA California To Let Sikh Prisoners Keep Beards

    lol i bet other prisoner will becomes Sikhs just so they can have beards. Just like many of them become Muslims to avoid being rapped by other groups. Prison is a funny place..
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    Should We Serve Alcohol As Guru Ka Langar?

    The purpose behind lunger to make it so that anyone can eat it. I think some of us don't drink and eat meat so we have to consider people like that. Matter of fact some people can't drink alcohol at all because they lack the necessary enzymes to break it down.
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    Opinion Varinder Singh: World's First Vegetarian Super Body Builder!

    It doesn't matter if you are vegetarian, vegan, or a carnivore. As long as you have balanced out diet of proteins, lipids and carbs. Milk can be a excellent source of protein because it contains all the amino acid need for muscle. i will admit being a vegan is a hard thing because you end up...
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    'Tight Turbans' Leading To Hair Loss Claim

    These studied sometimes tend to have mythological facts behind them. I am in military, and we are required to cover our head every time we go outside. i heard from people that caps also make your lose your hair. I think to some extent it might, but only in extreme cases that it can make you bald...
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    Marrying A Nonsikh

    i guess....i am not a true Sikh or a sikh... i think its either you are one or you not there aren't real side ways...plus i moved out....so i got my own things going on...so not listening to no one...and i was trying to become a true sikh while back but couldn't walk the straight line....so i...
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    Marrying A Nonsikh

    i got my answers ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
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    Introducing Myself

    i am 19.......born in a sikh family.......been lost n confused whole life......just here for some answers.....currently livin in US