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    Sikh Girls: A Confused Lot. Are Parents To Blame?

    I am Christian and don't get so far ahead of yourself, we are allowed to drink but not get intoxicated.....
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    General Why Is The India Media Turning Floozy?

    Okay there never used to be any kissing or nudity in the movies in bollywood, now it seems that some of the actresses and actors are begging to take their clothes off and be scandalous, i think it is partly america's fault because our movies are riskay, i can say that because i am american, but...
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    Is My Money Evil?

    I think money is horrible way of speniding your whole life to get just to have a freaken mansion and a hummer.:u):
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    Sikh Youth Of Punjab & Drug Addition In India ?

    Re: More drug problems in India? Yeah Raman use to live in Punjab and thats where he said all tha drug problems were...I didn't know that weed was free there, yeah he told me that the Americans that go there smoke all the weed and sleep on the streets next to the funny...
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    Sikh Youth Of Punjab & Drug Addition In India ?

    I heard from Raman that in India there are free drugs, and you can get them easier there, and that there a lot of drug problems there, is this true?
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    Who Really Knows If There Is A God. Nobody Has Physical Proof

    I Love God and everything but still i can't hide that little question in the back of my mind that i Know everyone has thought before..Is God real? I mean does anyone have any real proof anyone could have written the bible...I have never felt god's presence...and surviving something or living...
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    If A Sikh Marries A Non-Sikh ?

    Re: Is it okay to marry a non-sikh ? I don't see nothing wrong with it because if you love each other that is all that really matters AMEN~
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    Christianity What Do Christians Believe?

    I am a Christian and I believe you must beleive as Christ as the only son of God, and only worship one God and put no other Gods before him, and in order to recieve Gods forgiveness and except in into your heart you must WANT to believe that Christ gave up his life for you. Jesus's life and...
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    Because I Love You

    Oh that is so cute
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    If A Sikh Marries A Non-Sikh ?

    Re: Is it okay to marry a non-sikh ? I think it just matters if you love the person. Love conquers age, race and religion in my opinion, unless if that person is drawling you away from God.
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    New SPN'er Introductions

    Re: Im new Yeah my uncle lives in Bothell so they are
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    Christianity Why The Christian Right Is Wrong About Homosexuality ?

    I am a Christian and you should love your family member rather than isolate them. My uncle is gay and a alcoholic but i still love him and my mom and my grandma still love him, because God has not forsaken me even when i was doing everything bad there was to do. Forgiveness is what it says to do...
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    What Did You Learn Today ?

    I learned that when people say that they are your friends a lot of them really are not. My friend knows that im quitting drugs and she put me around them yesterday and then brought me home a hour later while she was driving under the influence...I learned a lot of people don't really care about...
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    Query For Sikhs Living In USA Or CANADA

    People here in America have no intelligence of the difference between muslims and sikhs, because they don't take the time to know. People here in America are so quick to judge and not to learn. People are so racist where im from sometimes when me and Raman are together we get so many dirty looks...
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    New SPN'er Introductions

    Im new My name is Dawn, and I live in Puyallup, Wa i am not a sikh but i find it extremely interesting and i would like to learn more about it. I am 17 years old and i work at Mcdonalds. I am dating a sikh. and yeah i don't really know what else to say so ill leave it at that...