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Recent content by Ajuni

  1. Ajuni

    Controversial ALL References To Bhoots, Prets, Demons, Angels And Joons Are METAPHORICAL

    Thank you Looking back at reading what I wrote I was reading the SGGS in such a different perspective. I got very confused and immersed in the characters mentioned rather than the collective message being told. :animatedkhanda1::kaurhug:
  2. Ajuni

    Changing My Last Name To Kaur

    Is there anything mentioned in the SGGS about it? Something that you can back yourself up with if anyone does start to argue with you other than unified unconditional love for one another. :)
  3. Ajuni


    But what is the bhoots and pret a metaphor of?
  4. Ajuni

    Controversial ALL References To Bhoots, Prets, Demons, Angels And Joons Are METAPHORICAL

    Re: Angel of Death Thank you SPNadmin, unfortunately I am a tad disappointed because I do not believe placing my post will deem the answers I am searching for I am looking for direct answers to the questions I placed and now I feel as if my post is lost in a mumbo jumbo of posts. If I were able...
  5. Ajuni

    Husband Lord And Soul Bride Unification

    Sat Sri Akal Bhen Ji aur Bhai Ji, I would like to know any further information about the unification between husband lord and soul bride. When does one know they have found their beloved husband lord and can practice anjeela (homage) to their husband lord (king)? Am I interpreting this...
  6. Ajuni

    Controversial ALL References To Bhoots, Prets, Demons, Angels And Joons Are METAPHORICAL

    Angel of Death Sat Sri Akal Bhen Ji aur Bhai Ji, I have a a question in regards to the "Angel of Death," can someone please elaborate more on what the significance of this character or idea is in gurbani. To my own understanding I believe it is almost as a Angel of Judgement, but can this...
  7. Ajuni

    Translation Assistance

    Sorry I did not know the page number or I would have looked it up myself. It was simply a line at the end of the page on its own. Thank you for the translation very much appreciated
  8. Ajuni

    Shukriya Ki Dhaani Vaad?

  9. Ajuni

    Shukriya Ki Dhaani Vaad?

    Sat Sri Akal Bhai aur Bhen Ji Wahe Guru Ki Khalsa Wahe Guru Ki Fateh Manners are something that I hold to the utmost importance in my life, and to be polite is something I try to practice at every chance within my life. Growing up in a hindu family I would take note that my mother and aunt...
  10. Ajuni

    Ik Oangkaar Or Ongkaar Or Oankaar?

    Sat Sri Akal bhai aur bhen ji I have noticed different spellings of the word above. I know this may be insignificant to bring up as a topic but I am curious to know the correct version. Since I believe that one spelling alters or gives the word it's meaning far more than the others. But I...
  11. Ajuni

    Translation Assistance

    Sat Sri Akal Wahe Guru ki Khalsa Wahe Guru ki Fateh I have just joined this group and am hoping to get it buzzworthy so that anyone of us who would like to master our punjabi and gurmukhi can do so with the assistance of our more advanced brothers and sisters. I have a line which i...
  12. Ajuni

    What Are Your Views Of Gurbani-engraved Karas?

    WaheGuru my Sat Sangat So a few minutes ago I was searching karas online and I came upon gurbani engraved karas. I myself being the proud owner of one came across a post on the AKJ community: http://www.akj.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7516 but then I also found sites which would give...
  13. Ajuni

    What Is God?

    From what the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and my own existence to understand the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji has taught me it is that it is the ecstasy you feel within your very being in the very moments that one is truly able to breathe in beauty that surrounds them instead of stressing oneself with the...
  14. Ajuni

    Philosophy Vs Religion. What Are Your Insights?

    Sat Sri Akal Thank you to all for their responses. :) :happykudi:
  15. Ajuni

    What Is Wrong With Halal Now?

    Sat Sri Akal my friends, I was under the understanding that Sikhi does not consume halal meat because of the way it is slaughtered. That the throat of the animal is slit and the animal is still alive and drained of its blood, which to me seems a tad inhumane...(personally) Isn't the meaning of...