Shukriya Ki Dhaani Vaad?


(previously sikhipyar)
Aug 22, 2011
Alberta, Canada
Sat Sri Akal Bhai aur Bhen Ji
Wahe Guru Ki Khalsa Wahe Guru Ki Fateh

Manners are something that I hold to the utmost importance in my life, and to be polite is something I try to practice at every chance within my life. Growing up in a hindu family I would take note that my mother and aunt would always say Dhaani Vaad to each other...I always assumed this meant You're Welcome.

As I grew older I made many sikhi friends and asked one of their mothers how to say 'thank you' in punjabi. She told me it was shukriya... as time went on though.. I noticed I never heard anyone use the word shukriya and usually only heard Dhaani Vaad. Then someone told me that Dhaani Vaad also meant thank you...This confused me a great deal.

All in all I use shukriya when i mean to say thank you and Dhaani Vaad when I mean to say You're Welcome.

I did however wish to clarify the distinction between the two and any other insights from my sadh sangat.

Shukriya or Dhaani Vaad

Ang kudihug