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Zafarnama Zafarnama - The Dilemma Of The Dasam Granth

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
The Zafarnamah occurs on Pages 1389-1427..meaning its towards the ending parts of DG.
1. Bhai Chatar Singh Jiwan Singh printed DG it has 115 Baands
2.In the SMC steek of DG it has additional 23 baands
3.In Bhai Vir Singhs Klagidhar Chamatkaar the additional 23 baands are also explained
I am referring to the Bhai Vir Singh Klaghidhaar Chamatkaar in this post.

The Zafarnamh begins from Namah (Letter) from GGS Banaam Aurengzeb.
Next is a Baand in which GGS is taking an OATH on WEAPONS. Its against GURMATT to take an OATH.

Internal evidence in many places also shows many such anti-gurmatt practises.

There is no doubt that after Machiwarra GGS did write a Letter to Aurengzeb and it was taken to the Emperor by Pyara Daya Singh...BUT this Composition in the DG called Zafarnamah seems highly adulterated. It also contains HIKAYATS which are F{censored}e equivalents of the Tria Charitars in Charotaropakhoyans...some stories are EXACTLY the Same - minor changes in names and language and characters.... These Hikayats are from number 2-12 and only the Fisrt Hikayat seems to be a Letter ..and the 2-12 are tria charitar types of stories of sex crazy women and their shenanigans...

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Well, yes! Those are excellent refutations, and I am quite familiar with them. We have sidetracked quite a bit. My original response was to the "attack" Jarnail Singh ji was referring to.

I don't...
Bhagat Ji..
Another way of looking at to WHY ONLY SGGS and no others..
A post from

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa; Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

While agreeing with points raised by S. Gurmit Singh and S. Balbinder Singh, I will like to add another point that S. Harnek Singh of NZ made during a private discussion.

1. When a woman is unmarried, she has every right to compare the qualities of her prospective suitors.

2. Families of prospective suitors too have every right to campaign on behalf of their candidate, as well as try to expose the shortcomings of the competitor.

3. Once the unmarried woman has made her choice and has become the bride of one, not only the need to expose the shortcomings of all other suitors in order to reject them, becomes redundant -- the very existence of suitors should raise suspicion in the mind of the bride.

4. The virtuous bride is one who does not even acknowledge the existence of any suitor, let alone find reasons to reject -- reasons which can only result from a comparison with her husband. Once marriage has taken place, rejection of all existing or future suitors requires no reason.

Based on the above analogy, it follows -- a Sikh is married to Guru Granth Sahib and needs no reason to reject any other suitor. Those who are trying to justify Sikhs' worship of "dasam granth" are either not married to Guru Granth Sahib or are guilty of forwarding arguments like "my husband does not have enough bir ras, hence I also share my bed with another who does".

Kind regards,
Verpal Singh


Dec 15, 2009
My question is Zafarnama? Is that genuine or not?
Vir Randip Singh,

The important question is not whether Zafarnama is or is not genuine. Let's make an effort to go deeper - Even if Guru Gobind Singh wrote Zafarnama, would we be correct in calling it Gurbani? If not, then what relevance does it have?

My answer to that is that it is a letter written (presumably) by Guru Gobind Singh to Aurangzeb. It is definitely not Gurbani. It may have historical value, if it is indeed authentic. However, for most matters concerning my life, I derive value, instruction and inspiration from Gurbani. I know that historical interpretations are replete with pitfalls, so I depend upon Gurbani as my test of authenticity and attempt to make the relevant distinctions.

How do I know Zafarnama is not Gurbani? For that, kindly refer to my piece. I have explored what makes something Gurbani and who has the authority to make that determination.

If Zafarnama is authentic, then the letter was written and sent to Aurangzeb. Also, Guru Gobind Singh ji did not give this or any of his other writings the status of Gurbani and nor has the Guru Khalsa Panth. In the absence of the aforementioned the Zafarnama (if authentic) is a letter, one amongst many, written by Guru Sahiban over their 239 year history.

Sometimes, it seems, we get into debates that miss the Tat (core, essence).

Akal Sahai!


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
khalsa1469 ji

How I value that short statement. Sometimes we miss the Tat. So share your understanding here more often in the days to come, and at least this one will have the benefit.

This "piece" that you refer to in your post is the blog, Vismad. Here is the link
, to the essay "Dasam" Granth: A Look at the Core Problems, vismad: “Dasam” Granth - A Look At The Core Problems

And for readers who would like more, here is the link to the Vismad homepage, vismad

I look forward to many hours of inspiring reading.
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