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Your Hijackers !

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Your Hijackers !

At international airports today, every effort is made to eliminate dangerous traveling companions: you and I have to make the same careful inquiries where powerful emotions are concerned. The fellow behind dark glasses, with the folded newspaper under his arm – look out! Interpol has a fat file on him. Don’t take him with you! The most ruthless hijackers can’t hold us hostage more effectively than our own passions – anger, fear, and lust – when they take over our lives.

You can gradually learn to “dis-identify” yourself from powerful negative emotions that can turn on you. Once you can pull back from anger or greed and say, “That’s not really me,” you’ve as good as snatched the hijacker’s weapon right out of his hands. Through the practice of meditation, you can begin to choose the thoughts and passions you wish to have as companions on your journey through life.


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