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Your Earliest Memory

Jun 1, 2004
Mine, is of when i first joined a pre-nursury school, when i was say 2 yrs old. There was a same age group girl of my neighborhood, who was differently abled, she also joined the same day. And their was this tension in the air as the surroundings were unfamilier. She suddenly let the go the tension by vomitting everything she has eaten that day on her clothings and on seeing her act i also followed the suit... it relived me of my tension for sure...:rofl!!:

The seconds incident, that i always remember is when i was 3-4 yrs young and one day my father came from office on his Motorbike and i used to swing with handlebar but that day i had a slip and i landed on the hot silensor and had first of the childhood scars in my left knee. :shock:

There are many other i would like to share when i hear your tales of childhood humor.

Enjoy !!
Jul 13, 2004
lol at ur tension relief ... :p

My father had brought tape-recorder at home, and we kids were not allowed to 'play' with it. Probably, I was 3 then! I was always curious to find out that little man inside the recorder who speaks, plays music etc. So one day, on finding suitable opportunity, I got onto my mission to find that little man inside the recorder. And then, that recorder fell on me, and I fell down with recorder on myself. With the voice, my mother came over to see what happened, picked me up, and I had to postpone my adventure for the next time!

It seems, I was not allowed to go to school by teachers as I was very very young for pre-nursery etc. Guess, I was 2! But then, I used to cry, so that I cud accompany my elder brother to his school. I remember crossing one broken wall, on the way to school, as a shortcut, which later became my favrt way to school. Just climbing that and crossing it was a good fun.

During early years i.e. 0-3 years of life, I spoke Hindi, as we were out of Punjab. When we moved to Punjab, I remember my first punjabi sentence asking my sister, "Palli veer ji kithe gaye" regarding my elder brother. And then very victoriously, told myself - yea, I can talk in Punjabi now

List is endless ... lol

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