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You Didnt Tell Anyone Did You?

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    My social skills are not getting any better, I like to talk about what I find interesting, namely, religion and lust, the two extremes of life, one brings peace, contentment and joy, the other just brings pleasure,

    An irish chap came in yesterday, really strong accent, I asked where he came from, Dublin he replied, ah, I can never remember, is that where they make the bombs, or where they do the bombing, a short silence followed, followed the by the roar of laughter, I know one day, I am probably going to go too far, but I cannot help being cheeky, its in my nature, we discussed religion, he was a social catholic, which is fair enough, I know enough social sikhs, so I understood.

    My nigerian friend came in yesterday, asked how the cuddles were going, I told him the bad news, He was extremely happy, excellent, he said, this will teach you there is more to life than lust, it is a sign from god!!. He gave me a big hug and shook my hand, we read my interpretation of what I know is Mool Mantra, and he agreed with everything other than the death bit, and then he left mumbling something about lack of sex drive being a gift from god for me,

    I discussed the situation with the baker up the road, as, I leave my door open with loud music thumping out, and there is hardware in some shape of form littered all over the shop, people seem to find it a fascinating playground, and feel the need to come in and see if 'anything crazy' is going on, the baker, said it was a fantastic chance to really get to know my wife, without all the expectation of lust being satisfied, the postman walked by, handed my mail to me, patted me on the shoulder and said, sorry to hear about the sex situation harry, and walked out,

    Anyway, by the end of the day, I had discussed the issue with most of the shops along my parade, 2 cab drivers, 4 customers, my parents, my brother, a beggar I have a pound too (his advice was to leave, he left, and his life was brilliant now, I was not convinced)

    I have not felt like this since I lost all my money, when I say 'felt like this' I mean losing a part of me, when I lost all my money, I realised that the money defined me, thats who I was, Mr Money, and now I have become Mr Lusty, and thats what defines me, Mr 'how many times can it be done in a week', uhm, ok thats a pretty pathetic way of being defined, I rang my wife to see how she was, she told me she had a nightmare last night, where she caught me in bed with another woman, <sigh>, I feel like screaming out, 'theres more to me than this', but I suppose I have made my bed on this topic, I am going to have to lie in it, everyone seems to think I am some sort of lust crazed aloo prontha eating maniac with no social skills, and whats even more amusing is that people accept and expect me to be like this.

    After a lot of thinking, I have decided to go with my wifes plan of being non lusty during the week, and see how it goes on the rare weekends where we are both off, so that leaves a massive void, I have decided to fill it with more work, more time with the animals, more time with my parents, and more quality time with my wife.

    I have taken to reading my interpretation of Mool Mantra every morning and every evening, really focusing on the words, like a salmon, trying to get back to my birthing water,

    As I walked in through the door at home, my wife gave me a big cuddle, 'about my little problem, you didn't tell anyone did you?'
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