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Yogism Yogi Bhajan Given Hindu Last Rites

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Chanting "MILLION USD" "MILLION USD" 108 times dindt bring a single USD in my Wallet...he he...will it be nay different if i chanted Mool mantar 108 times ?? not really..only fools beleive in such "miracles"...Guru Nanak ji rose at DAWN to go PLOUGH his fields...as any true blue Punjabi Knows...a good Farmer goes to work long before the Sun rises so as to work in cool enviornment and not stress the buffaloes either...and since the "Fields" are not "next door"..time is required to untie them..feed them soem water etc..take them to the fields a distance away..then plough the field (agian a few hours at least..)..and be back as soon as the sun is risen.. METHINKS...Guru ji RECITED the Gurbani while PLOUGHING !!! SWEATING IT OUT behind his buffaloes...not wearing white silken cholas and seated under some darkened tree muttering endlessly...:interestedmunda:


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Gyani ji

Thanks for posting this concept in such a clear, straightforward and even blunt way. When I posted something similar - albeit in different words - all I got was static about duality and maya. The Gurus were 'not in duality,' etc. etc. etc., therefore 'maya was an illusion' to them, etc. etc. etc., but the rest of us have to chant and aspirate in order to straighten ourselves out, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks. Just knowing that there is one person - YOU - who thinks Guru Nanak was gladly living in the real world - and it was the real world because believe me cattle and buffalo do smell bad if you are walking behind - then maybe my sense that our gurus probably never went into sanyasi in order to find ONE who is present in all is not all that bizarre.


Feb 20, 2012
i don't know why a bful reply by Chazsingh to linzer ji question was deleted as off topic .

Because it was off-topic. Thanks/spadmin
thanks harmanpreet singh,

yes, not sure why it has been deleted? SPNAdminnji, can you please explain?

Giani Ji has also made reference to 'chanting' and what he thinks of it...which has nothing to do with the topic...but His has not been removed?


This may come as a shock; however, not every subject under the sun or under the scanner here at SPN pertains directly to the personal simran, sadhana, meditation and spiritual journey of any one individual. Furthermore, not everyone is interested in something that seems he/she is peeping into a mirror on your soul.
I have afforded you many explanations in the past; and you as well as anyone else have the Blog section where ruminations on breath, chants, meditations, etc. can be explored.

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