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Worship Of Idols/picture Of Gurudevs In Hindu Temples

Jul 30, 2004
Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh
Das first of all want to post that this which will follow are not directed towards any person or group of them.In case it appeares than it is due to the wrong way of presentation of Das. Das in advance seeks an appology for that.

Das will quote Panchjanya(RSS 's news paper),Some views similar to Kala Afghana, Kuran Sahrif(muslim holy Book) and swami Agnivesh(An Ary Samaji Saint of India,Who is respected Panth also,his best thing liked by DAS is that he carrys out rescue of bonded labouerers). But this does not means that Das supports all of thier views. All views are personal views of DAs.

Today is 400th fisrt Prakash of our Eestt Guru(Divine guide) Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Das belongs to that school of Sikhs who belive that Dasam Granth Sahib Ji is as per Gurmat. Das could say our Jesus is Adi Guru Darbar,Our Old Testment is Dasam Granth Ji and our New Testement is Sarbloh Granth JI.(If such simlies have hurt someones feeling then Das be informed and if this thing is incorrect then das seeks an appolgy and sangat forgive Das for equating Adi Guru Darbar with others).

Today we are told to put candles or electric lights on our roof tops. Das could not do this but is trying to put some light on a grave topic.
Thier is a place in old Delhi Sitaram Bazar,The Gurudwara over thier has many pictures of deitis OF HINDUS NEAR IT.

But still worse as it apperas to das is many hindu temples having picture ,idols etc. of Gurus installed in them. They are garlended,Given offering of food and money and Arti is also done of them.This is more true in Hardwar and mandirs of Punjabis in delhi/up/haryana.

Das thinks it is wrong. As in Jaffernamah Guru dev Called himself as butshikan ie breakers of idols. Perhaps(das is not sure) 266th Chariter of Rankhamb Kala in triya chariter are also full of anti idolatory statements.
In Vachitar Natak too Gurudev clearly state,'who ever will deem be supereme lord(ie God) will go to lake of hell' (This thing was repeated by Swami Agnivesh Ji while speaking at an occasion oof GuruParb at Gurudwara Rakabganj Sahib,He told Sikhs to not to belittle thier God not following Guru(this was actual crux of his saying but not exact wording) ). So is worshipping of picture by hindu brothers due to thier lack of knowledge of Gurubani is valid?

Are not our own missionarries be blamed for that that they have so far not carried out any movement to erradicate similar practises in Sikh homes too. So it is our duty to let our hindu brethren be awre of Gurubani and know how to worship true God Akal. This will be real respect to our Gurus ahs they never told us to worship them but to worship Akal.

It is our duty to tell hindus about some of thier hisotry,Within the hundrerd years of Arab conquest of Sindh,Indian(Better Call them Sanatan Dhrami) forces recapture lost territory due to the unity effort of Niranakars worshippers Nath yogis. But two city states of Mansura and Multan remained under islam.Reason,Whenever Sumer Rajpoots use to attack them,They use to blackmail them by bringing out few idols in thier(Arabs) possesion and threatening to Break them if they(Arabs) were Attacked. Later after Karmathi Shias occupation of Multan ,Idols were ultimately broken(Reference An issue of Panchjanya,mouth piece of RSS).

Idols were not worshipped in old Sanatan Dhrama,They have crept in after Jainsiam and budhism came into being,since them India became a sort of hunting ground for invaders. Vedas and Vedanata oppose idolatory so do Gurumat.

Lastly Das will quote holy Kuran,It is told in there,' oh idol worshippers you do this only as your bygone genration did it(it is more a sort of bliend copying),God(Allah/Akal/Parbraham) is ture God Which benefits you in reality,Give you Shifa(recovery) in illness'.

If any thing wrong is said Das be kindly told and das will again tender an appology.
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