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Working With Muslims

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    The Nigerian I mentioned I was working with, the christian minister, his number 2 is a young muslim chap, who has been in the UK for 6 months. Over the last week, he has been steadily getting more and more on my nerves,. I do not know whether it is a cultural thing, or possibly he just has no manners, but his attitude is aggressive and confrontational, I consider myself reasonably good at reading people, I find he does most of his speaking with his eyes, he may say something, but his eyes seem to put a dark inflection on whatever he says. To make matters worse, he seems to be related to the pakistani shop on the corner, whom I refuse to patronise due my refusal to fix his PC for next to nothing. Thursday, he came into my shop, 'boss wants to see you', the look was defiant, now yesterday, I went to see boss, and although I felt it quite rude to drag someone away from a shop, I went, but this time, I felt they were game playing, and I hate game playing, so I politely asked him if his boss could come to me, as I was busy, I got a dirty look, and then 30 mins later boss came over, we laughed and talked, I mentioned I felt our relationship would be short lived, as I did not feel I could work with his number 2, too many games, and I did not like dealing with those who have hidden agendas, or are not being true,he replied that this chap was like a son to me, (why do people say that???, one minute people are like my sons, the next they are stabbing me in the back??),

    So Friday, I had to go on site, which is 4 shops up from mine, I sat down, started work, and my little friend walked in, sat down, glared at me, and said, 'are all these pc's genuine?', at which point I replied that they were all stolen, and not to tell anyone, the sarcasm was clearly wasted, and he nodded and smiled slyly, ok, I thought, we are clearly not getting each other, so I looked at him and said 'Im joking', he shook his head in that way that some indians do, from side to side, and said, 'whatever makes you happy', I walked over to him, looked straight in his eyes, and shoved my hand out. He took it, and then I said, 'look Im sorry, I dont think we are getting each other', he said' I am sorry too, I keep upsetting you', I ruffled his hair, he smiled, so we talked about Islam, about his god, he is 25 and still a virgin, and intends to stay that way till he marries, he talked of family honor, of the prophet, he laughed at my definition of god, as non interventionist, and non caring, just a force, once again, the dog mess came unstuck, god is not in a dog mess, but also, god is not in animals, only humans, I remarked that I saw god in my dogs eyes, he started to look upset, so I moved on to sex, sexual thoughts were a battle that he had to overcome, he would rather die than have sex out of marriage, or before marriage, we talked a bit more, I ruffled his hair a bit more, his brother walked in, very warm, very respectful , I noticed my little friend spoke to his brother with the same look in his eye, shifty, maybe its just a cultural thing, maybe I was wrong to perceive that his body language was saying something it was not. I found a few pc things in the shop and then walked back to him and gave them to him as a present, he was shiftily polite and thankful,

    To finish the day off, it only seemed fair to walk into the pakistani corner shop and offer my hand there too, which was accepted without any words, I bought a paper, be nice not to walk a mile to buy a paper again
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