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Working With Christians #2

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    My relationship with the Nigerian Minister 4 shops up is going well, we try and have a chat at least once a day, I seem to have in constant fits of giggles in that hearty way nigerian men laugh, I like him, he has an innocence about him.

    He dropped me off home the other day, and I introduced him to my dogs, it was a beautiful day, and I offered to take them for a walk with him, but he does not like dogs, 'my wife wants one, but I will not allow it', I often wonder about men like that, I am not quite sure how such a relationship works, where one person is so in charge, wives are not children, I find it strange when men talk of their wives like they were children....

    So we went to the hardware store, where we were having a debate on sex. To me sex is a most wonderful way of communicating with your partner, to get close, to share, to him, it was dirty. Eventually, I asked a salesman where certain items were, and we were in the middle of the debate when the salesman said, look, leave him alone, we are all different. We both looked at the salesman, Im sikh, he is christian, what are you, I asked. He replied, I am nothing, I just believe in an energy, a force, ah, I said, you are sikh, so there began a three way argument, the salesman was quite enlightened, and we had a good discussion, where the three of us did not defend our position, but tried to learn from each other, as we walked out, my nigerian friend looked at me and said, 'that was quite beautiful,. ' and he was right, it was, three men, all different, all sharing and learning and accepting that differences were there, but instead concentrating on common ground.

    I have convinced my friend to go home and give his wife a foot massage, as his wife probably thinks he loves Jesus more than her, he looked surprised, she often says that! He came in today, and said, he had given her the foot massage and then had been intimate with her in a very loving way, I see, I said, so sex is not dirty, no, he replied, it is us that make it dirty!

    Good reply, I thought, it is.

    So we then graduated to what we would do if a naked woman walked in the shop. He replied he would leave, I replied I would cover her up and make sure she was ok, no, he would leave, because in the bible something similar happened, and the thing to do is leave! Why, I asked, because, women have strange powers over men, best not to be in temptation. So your scared then, I said, he thought and said, yes, I am scared, scared of the consequences, I laughed, I am not scared, my wife is the only woman that has that effect on me, all others are sisters, mothers or daughters, he then reminded me how many women I had been intimate with, compared to him, and remarked I had probably seen enough, and I replied that he would be correct, enlightenment through the flesh, through the school of having the poo kicked out of you, very hard, its a good teacher.

    I remarked on his watch, it was a very expensive watch, I asked why he felt the need to wear it.

    why do you wear such a watch?
    I love watches, and mens shoes, you can tell a man by the watch he wears and the shoes he wears
    So what does that say about me?
    well, hey, wait a minute, you do not wear a watch, THAT IS WHY YOU ARE ALWAYS LATE!
    and my shoes?
    well they are workmans boots,
    no,they are the only pair I own
    but you would not go to a wedding in them would you?
    err yes,I have done
    etc etc etc

    I like him, he is honest and open, and he is either giggling or in shock at what I tell him, or he is trying to learn something, or he is trying to impart something to me, his number 2, the muslim chap, is now extremely warm to me, I asked if I could look something up on the computers I had supplied, he bowed low and said in Urdu, bhaji they are your computers, it is wonderful when you can see the beauty in cultural differences rather than the ugly
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