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Without The Lord, There Is No Other At All

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by AmbarDhara, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. AmbarDhara

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    Nanak Bani Nirankaar Paarbrahm Parmesar

    Waho Waho Bani Nirankaar Hai Tis Jevad Avar Na Koi


    ANG 47


    sireeraag mehlaa 5.

    Siree Raag, Fifth Mehl:

    man tan Dhan jin parabh dee-aa rakhi-aa sahj savaar.

    This mind, body and wealth were given by God, who naturally adorns us.

    sarab kalaa kar thaapi-aa antar jot apaar.

    He has blessed us with all our energy, and infused His Infinite Light deep within us.

    sadaa sadaa parabh simree-ai antar rakh ur Dhaar. ||1||

    Forever and ever, meditate in remembrance on God; keep Him enshrined in your heart. ||1||

    mayray man har bin avar na ko-ay.

    O my mind, without the Lord, there is no other at all.

    parabh sarnaa-ee sadaa rahu dookh na vi-aapai ko-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.

    Remain in God's Sanctuary forever, and no suffering shall afflict you. ||1||Pause||

    ratan padaarath maankaa su-inaa rupaa khaak.

    Jewels, treasures, pearls, gold and silver-all these are just dust.

    maat pitaa sut banDhpaa koorhay sabhay saak.

    Mother, father, children and relatives-all relations are false.

    jin keetaa tiseh na jaan-ee manmukh pas naapaak. ||2||

    The self-willed manmukh is an insulting beast; he does not acknowledge the One who created him. ||2||

    antar baahar rav rahi-aa tis no jaanai door.

    The Lord is pervading within and beyond, and yet people think that He is far away.

    tarisnaa laagee rach rahi-aa antar ha-umai koor.

    They are engrossed in clinging desires; within their hearts there is ego and falsehood.

    bhagtee naam vihooni-aa aavahi vanjahi poor. ||3||

    Without devotion to the Naam, crowds of people come and go. ||3||

    raakh layho parabh karanhaar jee-a jant kar da-i-aa.

    Please preserve Your beings and creatures, God; O Creator Lord, please be merciful!

    bin parabh ko-ay na rakhanhaar mahaa bikat jam bha-i-aa.

    Without God, there is no saving grace. The Messenger of Death is cruel and unfeeling.

    naanak naam na veesra-o kar apunee har ma-i-aa. ||4||14||84||

    O Nanak, may I never forget the Naam! Please bless me with Your Mercy, Lord! ||4||14||84||

    Gurbani eis jag meh chaanan

    Gurbani har alakh lakhiayaa

    Gurbani Gavo Bhaee

    charan kamal parabh kay nit Dhi-aava-o
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