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Paganism Wisdom Of Chief Seattle


Nov 14, 2010
Sat Nam _/|\_

This morning I posted a prayer by Chief Seattle in my blog (Our One Light) and a video quoting him. I thought it was worth sharing.

Not sure Native Americans belong in the pagan section, but I'm sure it honors this prayer and video as they are both deeply earth centered as Native American sprituality is.

Wisdom of Chief Seattle

Prayer of Chief Seattle

Earth mother, star mother,
You who are called by
A thousand names,
May all remember
We are cells in your body
And dance together
You are the grain
And the loaf
That sustains each day,
And as you are patient
With our struggles to learn
So shall we be patient
With ourselves and each other.
We are radiant light
And sacred dark
–the balance–
You are the embrace that heartens
And the freedom beyond fear.
Within you we are born
We grow, live, and die–
You bring us around the circle
To rebirth, Within us you dance

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