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Will The Real Sikhs Please Stand Up?


May 4, 2010
I came across information dealing with the prevalence of people from Punjab manipulating westerners and western immigration systems to migrate out of the region.

Here are a few links to stories:
People will do anything in Punjab to go abroad because they see it as an honour, even if it means selling their ancestral lands and putting their lives at risk."

In Punjab, matrimonial ads for UK migration soar - The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/In-Punjab-matrimonial-ads-for-UK-migration-soar/articleshow/5522013.cms#ixzz0zRQYDqo8

‘Sikh" Asian Men Dating White British Women (Note: this is NOT Sikh custom or philosophy. It’s Hindu caste/race bias and THAT counters Sikhi.)

I recommend that all who are new to Sikhi in the west take heed of the caution. From my own experience I have seen that the kara and dastar are being worn to represent the cultural Jatt ‘Sikh’, who are not spiritually practicing Sikhs. The khanda is also being displayed, sometimes adapted with modern weapons, and the shaheedi legends are being used as an excuse for violence.

I also ask that Real Sikhs Please Stand Up to protect the reputation of Sikhi. From Gurdwara brawls and shootings to clandestine scams, Sikhi in the west is increasingly imbued with an ‘anti-Kalsa’, ‘anti-Sikh’ element. When you see this element, question the rights and responsibilities of those using the Sikh symbols of identification. Involve yourself with the Punjabi Sikh communities abroad ~ inside and outside the Gurdwaras ~ to uphold Sikh principles, values and its reputation.

Sat Sri Akal ~ Truth is God
_/ \_
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