Controversial Wikipedia Has Got The Info About Michael O'Dwyer's Death Wrong


Wikipedia has been for long hijacked by anti-sikh elements, who want to discredit Sikhs from all the bravery and all the legendary accomplishments and even if you would try to edit the wiki, you will be banned immediately... Randip ji can tell you more about wikipedia scandal in depth....

In short, wikipedia, sikhiwiki are the least reliable resources on sikh history!

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I say "ditto" to Aman Singh's comment above. More recently many of the articles on the Sikh portal at Wikipedia are being rewritten by scholars influenced by MacLeod. The ensuing battle led Wikipedia editors to submit pages to the Talk section where you can read the ongoing controversy behind the scenes. One has to register and log in to see it. The section on Guru Arjan Dev is now a tragedy, a shadow of what it once was. Wikipedia editors know they are in the middle of a firefight; not being Sikhs they would have no idea that the controversies followed on the Internet for many years have now found their way into Wikipedia. You do realize that anyone can edit any page on the wiki whether they are knowledgeable or not. The average person thinks he/she is reading a reliable source. Admin and leaders here at SPN have begun talking about starting a new thread on this problem as a caution for our members.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
But there really are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE INVOLVED in this episode...ONE was the GOVERNOR of PUNJAB STATE..and the SECOND was the LT general Commanding the troops who FIRED ON THE PEOPLE !!! of his own .

Udham Singh ASSASINATED the FIELD COMMANDER...the Punjab Governor died on his own of Natural causes... !!!

People often get CONFUSED because their names are SIMILAR.... !!!

Simialrity between the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre and the June 1984 Massacre...the PM - INDIRA GANDHI was the PRIME MINISTER....and the General VAIDYA...General Brar etc etc were the FIELD COMMANDERS who actually fired in the this this case BOTH the PM and the Field Commander were assasinated...and PM Indira had issued the Orders to shoot..BUT in the Jallianwala case the PUNJAB GOV had NOT ISSUED any such orders to the Field Commander..He acted on his own.

Chaan Pardesi

I agree with Aaman Singh ji.There is a lot wrong information being fed through this site by individuals with an agenda.Sikh history is being manipulated and distorted.

The latest that I saw is about the Nihangs, where someone has now associated the name of the budha dal with baba Budha ji and linage from there.[similar to the damdami taksaal claims to Baba Deep Singh ji.]

There is also something about Binod Singh from the ''authentic'' nihang b uddha dal being appointed the head of the panth,by Guru Gobind Singh ji, which again is total rubbish.This then leads to claim that they are the shiroamni Nihang dal and should be incharge of the Gurduaras, and not SGPC.

Considering even they were initially 'in charge' then they had not done a good job by handing the Gurduaras to mahants and udasis!

Each time I entered a comment challenging this claim , my comment was removed.We need to be vigilant at all times.It also looks the writings have been removed by person , a certain Ajay singh on the face book.