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Why Vasakhi ?

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by Gyani Jarnail Singh, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Malaysia
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    Jul 4, 2004
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    In my humble and honest opinion....
    Vasakhi is IMPORTANT because of the...following reasons !!

    1. AAGMAN DIWAS of our FOUNDER...Guru
    Nanak Sahib Ji...

    That is WHY Guru Amardass Ji began to CELEBRATE "VASAKHI". Surley Guru Amardass Ji wouldnt have chosen Vasakhi at Random ?? Guru Ji did so for a very special reason...its the Day the Satgur nanak Ji was "Born"....and is a GURPURAB !!! THAT is WHY Vasakhi was chosen for huge gathering ( certainly not a bhnangra mela..drinking and dancing..BUT a Gathering for Katha/Kirtan of GURBANI ONLY )

    2. Vasakhi...as "HARVEST FESTIVAL"....YES !!

    Look at it THIS WAY.... Why is the Punjabi Farmer ( actually every farmer is the same about this )..SO HAPPY at HARVEST TIME ? Simply becasue its the time to REAP his REWARDS.... the SEEDS he planted...the plants he took care of so lovingly..have MATURED..and NOW he can HARVEST the FRUITS of His Labour...and he is HAPPY.

    NOW...to GURU NANAK SAHIB JI....Born on VASAKHI DAY....is the "FARMER" of SIKHI/GURMATT...He plants the SEEDS...the succeeding NINE GURUS following Him..water the seeds ( Guru Arjun Ji sahib poured in His Blood as Sahedeean de sirtaaj )..Guru ramdass Ji built sarovar..Harmandar sahib..Guru Arjan Ji bestowed us the Supreme Gift of SGGS...so on and so on...and on VASAKHI DAY 1699..its finally the TIME TO "HARVEST" the seeds that Guru nanak ji planted way back 250+ years before..ON Vasakhi Day 1429...The SEED that Guru nanak planted has MATURED into the KHALSA..and the TENTH NANAK..Guru Gobind Singh ji as HAPPY as nay "farmer" is on this HARVEST that is so BOUNTIFUL...."1" SIKH of Guru nanak ji..has become 125,000 KHALSA...Sava Lakh KHALSA by the time of Vasakhi 1699. ( in Nature also just 1 seed is planted..but matured plant yields many many more seeds )

    3. Any LOGIC behind.... this comparison..look at GURBANI..Guru Ji uses so many Examples from FARMING...Mann halee kirsannee...Its the CREATORS perogative to "Harvest" His CROP anytime He desides..young..or matured..etc etc..so many examples from AGRICULTURAL practises... Our Gurus are PRACTICAL down to earth...they chose examples we can RELATE

    Perhaps we need to rethink....reflect on OURSELVES..its we who have reduced these GURPURABS to mere "festivals"..full of empty RITUALS (in Gurdwars) and even worse activiites OUTSIDE . Its we who have gone off the ROAD..and now find ourselves floundering in the deep MUD found "off the road"...its our own fault for leaving the excellent paved Highway Guru Ji put us on...Lets RESOLVE to get back on thsi Highway IMMEDIATELY. HAPPY VASAKHI.:happysingh::happykudi::veryhappymunda:
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