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Christianity Why Not To Believe In Christianity

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by seeker3k, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. seeker3k

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    May 24, 2008
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    Why would any one want to change their religion? Religion is like a school. Every religion teaches their ways. It is like learning new language. It is not the school one should change it should be the class. One can not benefit from changing school.
    The democracy we enjoy is due to Christian English people. There is no other religion
    That is tolerant then Christian. I know it will hurt most people because every religion claims that their religion is peaceful and tolerant. Look around with open mind then you will see. Beside the Budhism. There are many books and movies are made about the Christians and no Christian took up the arm and looted shops and burned cars and house of innocent peoples. The most beautiful girls go to Africa and look after the people who are sick with AIDS and other deadly diseases. No other religious people do that. That is compassion in action, not just talk and preaching. You can ask Christian about their religion they will discuss with you. There are two religions that do not discuss their religion, Sikhs and Muslims.What good is religion if you one can’t explain his religion logically. Now having said that. Here are some points about the Christians that they do not answer and have no answers.

    Christian claim that Jesus was and is son of god. In Judaism there is no concept of God as father. Jesus was ***. When Jesus said God is his father most Jews got anger with him. If Jesus is son of God then surly God must have wife. But Jesus was born to Marry who was not God’s wife. Marry was just a girl who was engaged to Joseph.They claim, Christians are making that it was foretold. That not right evidence All it said was boy will be born to young girl. Bible is translated from Latin. That was meant to be young girl not a virgin. Jesus spoke Hebrew why is that Bible was written in Latin? All the disciples spoke Hebrew. It was written in Latin because so no one could read it. It was illegal for common man to read Bible. People were put to death if any one try to read Bible.
    What they claim that Jesus was with god from the beginning as a word. How come the Jews did not knew that. The Jews did not accept Jesus as their savior. According to Tora(Jews Bible) the savior will come and set up his kingdom and free them. Jesus did not do that. All he did was made a clever statement that he will come back. Then he will set up the kingdom. About 600 years after there came Mohamed who took up the sword and set up the kingdom. Ironically *** and Christian do not accept Mohamed as their savior. *** don’t accept Jesus and Mohamed their savior. Christian do not accept Mohamed the savior. Although Jesus said he will come and set up the kingdom, which Mohamed did do that..
    The Gospels writers found out the birth of Jesus. Where he was born and under what conditions. And they found out that Jesus discussed religion with rabies when he was 12..
    Yet there is nothing about his childhood and his prime teen years. And they wrote about him when he was about 30 year old. Was there some thing bad that they did not want to tell the world about the savior? Jesus said God is his father. As I said before there was no concept in Jews about God as father. There only one other religion that time that called God father. That was Hinduism. Was it that Jesus was in Indian to study meditation. There he heard that God is father of all mankind. The word they talk about is the sound.
    When we speak word we make sound which is also called dhun. The word is mantera, shabad, naam. When it is recited that makes sound. It is that sound that what Jesus said.

    It is the Hinduism idea that one must have guru and that guru must give the naam to his chela.And that naam will take to Brahma (creator). Once he reaches Brahma he will become Brahmputer. Creater is God so one who reaches Brahma he is known as his son. Jesus also said that no one reach fath(God) accept through me.What he meant was through guru. Not Jesus as all Christian believe. Guru must give that naam on his own, it should no be asked by the chela. If the person ask for it becomes elm Bhikha. When guru gives the naam it becomes gurparsad. That has been said in SGGS over and over. In order to receive naam from guru we don’t have to do his seva. But we have to do selfless deeds.
    We are told that there are 2 types of karmas good and bad. If we do good we are rewarded good, if we do bad karma we are punished. But there are 3 types of karama. The third one is selfless deeds. When one enough of selfless deeds then the guru will come and find you and give you the naam. And one don’t have to do any puja or recite the naam. That’s is the beauty about the true naam. This is another topic. I will write it later on.

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  3. spnadmin

    spnadmin United States
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    1947-2014 (Archived)
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    Jun 17, 2004
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    Very interesting post, seekr3k. A lot to think and reflect on.
  4. tony

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    Feb 20, 2006
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    Dear seeker3k ji
    I was brought up in a christian society and whilst I believed in God, I found the stories in the bible hard to believe and so asked many questions about there validity. All the stories where wrote many years after the event and are greatly exaggerated. the reason why the jews would not accept Jesus as the saviour would have meant that they where doing wrong and would therefore lose the controll of its people, the hierachy of the jewish church was corrupt and cruel, treating its people very badly. Jesus told of a different way to reach God, one of doing only good things to other men, turn the other cheek as opposed to an eye for an eye principle that the jews believed in. As for jesus being the son of God and the immaculate conception, this to is probably exaggerated as well. I was told that the meaning of the word virgin at that time meant to be of Child bearing age, which Mary was, and we are all the sons/daughters of God are we not. When jesus said it is through me that you will reach God, he probably meant that he was teaching the right right way to praise god and that by following his teachings salvation could be achieved. As you pionted out that the bible was written in latin and that the commoner wasnt allowed to read it, that very fact shows how easy it was to be changed, true meanings being lost in translation, bits being added to glorify the stories. the leaders of the christian church where open to corruption alot seeing the power they had and the riches that could be made. As the religion grew the leaders became excempt from many laws and as in England many where made by the church usually for there own good not that of its followers. 600 yrs later along came Mohamed who again tried to correct the churches failings. He wasnt accepted by the christian church for the same reason as the jews refused to accept jesus, loss of POWER over the people and the riches that went with it. The teachings of Mohamed where quickly corrupted as well. All these religions are used as a method of controll as the majority of people have afear of death and what will happen to them after they die, All three speak of an eternal fire if you dont do there wishes. All three have rich nations backing them, all three have robbed the poor in the name of god, all have caused wars in the name of god. The average person in all these religions are descent people who fear death the leaders are all rich and dont know the meaning of hard work to earn a living. the followers do decent things like working for nothing in poorer nations, when was the last time you saw a bishop or a cleric getting his hands dirty, except for the cameras. This why God saw the need to send his message to us again in the form of The Guru jis. there words send no message of fear to us, no threats of eternal damnation. Without this threat there is little chance of being controlled by other men, thus Sikhism as no country that it rules, Backs no political party, It doesnt seek to pressurise people to convert and Although it has many riches these have been given volenterally and not plundered from the poor like all other religions have. Sikhism is a religion of love for God and his creations. A true religion. Hope this helps you a bit. It is only my concept of other religions and may be completely wrong so my apologise to any who may be offended. I have nothing against any of the followers of these religions only the hypocrytes who run them corruptly,
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