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Why Man Has Lost Faith

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Why man has lost faith

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Daily Pioneer

All human problems are interrelated; there is no separate, isolated problem by itself. And in this there is neither West nor East. Human problems are common to all mankind whether one is born in India, Russia, America or England. We are, I am afraid, apt to consider one problem isolated from other problems instead of understanding the totality of all problems.

Throughout societies there is a tremendous amount of violence, uncertainty and fear, a form of organised, flourishing anarchy. Society has become a structure in which there are wars, separate religions and different nationalities, each in conflict with the other. And all over the world man has lost faith; he no longer trusts anybody, neither the priests nor the politicians, nobody, not even his own parents because the older generation has created such a monstrous society, a world in which there is constant war, insecurity and, therefore, fear.

Ideologies have failed, so is education. Education can give marvellous technological knowledge which will help man get to the moon, show him how to run a computer, or kill thousands of people from a great distance, but we haven’t solved human problems, that is how to live together as human beings, how to co-operate with one another and find unity in relationship between man and man. And that’s the only thing that matters — nothing else!

We are living in a period when man has actually lost faith and trust in everything organised. I am not referring, of course, to the organisation which brings the milk and delivers your letters, but to the superstructure that society has built with its wars, its riots, the divisions which one must totally reject. And there is a revolt against this society by the young, by the hippies, the Beatles and all the rest of those people; they are in revolt against the structure of a society which breeds war, hatred and antagonism.

We need a revolution, a total revolution. By total revolution we mean that a man — who has been so heavily conditioned for centuries by words and propaganda — can free himself completely from the structure of a society which he himself has created psychologically through ambition, greed, envy and brutality. And this is the highest form of revolution, a revolution in the psyche itself, a total mutation of the mind. If this does not take place, then the revolution today of the young people throughout the world has very little meaning. First it is essential to understand the whole structure of society — how man has put it together, invented gods and created a corrupt society divided into countries, nations, religions and so on. Without understanding this structure, merely to revolt against it is to fall into another trap.

For man to change radically, fundamentally, there must be a mutation in the very brain cells of his mind — he has to bring about a total mutation in his whole consciousness. That is the main issue — whether man, whatever country he inhabits, with all the beauty of the land, can bring about such a radical mutation within himself immediately. That is the problem, not your beliefs, ideologies, gods, saviours, priests and rituals; they no longer have any meaning.

source: http://www.dailypioneer.com/sunday-...lity-agenda/11910-why-man-has-lost-faith.html



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