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Why I Love Indian Hindus And British Christians !

Dec 8, 2005
Dear brother and sister


Now this is going to amaze a lot of Sikhs abroad but then it was a thought I felt I must share with you.

History is replete in Roman civilization with examples when warriors were outmanouvered by people back at home.

Warriors in all civilization have invariably found there wives and glory being taken away by the non warriors at home so dont cry.

Device method that you get your due share of glory.

India will be robbed from Sikhs by the clever manipulation by people who replicate at a rate which is unimaginable ( see the populationm growth of India ).

I guess you would be playing in their hand by aborting your rights and fleeing to some distant country.

I also agree it is good not to have all your eggs in one basket and that your genome should be distributed far and wide so that Sikhism can survive in event of worst disaster.

India how ever I feel we must not leave unmanned .

It is too crazy and cool country not to be around their.

I guess Sikhs would miss a lot of exciting life if they abort the Indian ship totally.

It is your home turf ; the 84 genocide , Golden temple invasion and the scorch punjab earth policy can only happen in India.

These are to be taken as trimming of a plant . Fit to grow back with more vigour. It should be used as a tonic for growth rather than being glum about it.

I guess we would have enjoyed the 1984 genocide had we expected it . It was the unexpected which was problably hurting.

We are quite used to being massacred by different set of people. For we speak the truth of one GOD for all his children.

Inspite of all that we must not be upset for India has still managed to give you its very first PM and army chief.

It will take atleast 100 years for you to get these post in UK , USA , Canada .

It will take a 1000 years fto get these posts in Pakistan , afghanistan where too you will come back in a significant way if you play your cards well.

Sikhi is the correct way of life.

In the absence of a real Sikh and not symbolic Sikhs India has sort of become impotent.

See what Israel has done to Lebanon in response to its 2 soldier being taken.

And see what we do when 200 mumbaites are killed in trains, only the spirit of mumbai is left to fight out these messenger of death.

Also see how we Indians talk as a nation by saying that terrorist targeted the Gujratis and not mumbnaites. What is wrong with us; it was an attack on Indian nation.

Non violence wont work against AL -Quaida , Nazis and Cheingaz Khan kind of Philosophy.

Guru Govind singhs philosophy is the only thing that will work against these set of people.You need violence some times. 2/10 of our Gurus practised it.

As for helping hindu in distress is concerned .

It is part of our legacy to help them.

Lot of Sikhi spirit would fizzle away of we did not help them.

They are some thing like the Crown in UK.

It is always fun helping the Britisher inspite of the triple incidence of Anglo-sikh war , the Jallianwall bagh and Guru ka bagh incidence.

Sikhs yin spirit would wilt if their is not these Britisher and hindus.

Fun helping these blokes when they are in trouble.

I also know all facts you will quote. Stealing of various resources from the proud Punjabis. Still see what you have today.

Many small Punjab all over the globe with your dear friend the Britisher and to some extent Italy.

If you were given the comfort of security and plentifulness then you would be only in Punjab and our music would not be heard from different parts of the world.

You have single handedly and unknowingly have made Indians truly Global.

Your spirit of adventure , travel and courage is really worthy of all the respect from every Indian.

Also these incidence has given you indirectly your first PM and army chief.

True to the spirit of SIKHI we have risen to the challenge of triple incidence 84 riots , Golden temple invasion and scorched Punjab policy of in a very nice way.

You could have gone the Al Queda way into terrorism which would eroded a of lot of Sikhis great inner strength of

"Nanak Nam chadi kala ter bana sarvat tha bhalla "

Till the people of India and world at large become enlightened to this truth we got to survive and thrive in India.

You cannot abandon your own mother land not warriors dont desert.

Not after being around since time of Alexander.

A true warrior shall never desert and shall always earn respect for his Philosophy of warrior saint as is given in wikepedia.

To quote Alexander the great In a letter to his mother he wrote:--

"I am involved in the land of a leonine and brave people, where every foot of the ground is like a well of steel, confronting my soldier. You have brought only one son into the world, but everyone in this land can be called an Alexander”.

and as per British preacher following the Guru ka bagh massacre

Father Andrews, a Christian missionary brought over during the British Raj in a concerted attempt to spread Christianism, witnessed the event. He cried when he saw the cruelties being inflicted on the unarmed, hymn-singing Sikhs and declared:
I see hundreds of Christs being crucified every day

So if India can be made into a land of crores of Alexander and Christ then I feel it is a worthy goal.

The new set of rules in India requires four "Bs" for survival

Bihari like thinking and living .

They will still continue to blow you with cannons and do 84 genocides.

But then their is a saying :-

"No body kicks a dead dog "

Being a new religion you will have to create a space for your self on this planet .

It is already Jostling with Gods and you seem to have found the ultimate spiritual truth

"Nanak Nam chadi kala ter bana sarvat tha bhalla "



hps62:star: :cool:
Mar 27, 2006
well said veerji....if the hindu doesnt go the Khalsa way...the danger is going to engulf the whole samaj ...The Guru's marag of KHALSA is in fact the true hindutva....the Pure and Khalis form....

The Hindu fails to remember that ahimsa is not a part of his Dharam...it is a concept created when the world was extreme violent....and it was a valid phenomena

The Sanatan Dharam always has updated the ways by sending Avatars...like Dasve Paadshaahji...

If Shastar(weapon) and Shaastars(granths of gyan and dharam) are not worshipped...The hindu also shall go the greek and egyptian way.....

Well in this forum...i would prefer if such topics are addressed....

We have very 'pious' people who will go to the extend of questioning avatars ...but will never be practical

We are no one to decide if Bhagvan Vishnu was an Avatar or not ...but yes people do this here...they dont have guts in their kachchas..to question Allah....

Sakal Jagat me Khalsa gaaje...
Jagai dharam hindu
Turak tunda tunda bhaaje

Raaj Karega Khalsa

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