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Sikh News Why Everybody’s Talking About Rabbi Shergill

Jun 1, 2004

Posted online: Sunday, January 23, 2005 at 0000 hours IST

MANY ochre afternoons ago, in November 2003, a 27-year-old Sardar sat on a low stool, acoustic guitar on lap, and spoke in grave tones about Raj Singh, an impoverished Punjabi farmer who had committed suicide. When Rabbi Shergill performed Raj Singh at his first performance, the 100-odd listeners in that dim Mumbai auditorium mourned Singh’s death. Rabbi remained an unsung hero.Until he and his now hit single, Bulla Ki Jana, were packaged in a self-titled album and released exactly a year after that five-minute debut. Two months and one music video later, the bespectacled Sikh who neither looks nor talks like a pop star (probably, his biggest USP), has sold 50,000 CDs and 50,000 tapes.


Aug 11, 2004
Sat Sri Akaal Pyareyo! :wah:

I think Rabbi is the best singer around! :thumbup:
All the songs from his first album are just amazing! :up:

I wish him all the very best in life.
here for everyone's refrence are the lyrics + meanings of bulla ki jaana main kaun (taken from his album) :

Bulla, ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla, I know not who i am]
Bulla, ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla, I know not who i am]

Na main moman vich maseetan
[Nor am I the believer in mosque]
Na main vich kufar dian reetan
[Nor am I in Idol-worship]
Na main pakan vich paleetan
[Nor am I in the pure or impure]

Na main andar bed kitaban
[Nor am I in in Vedas (The 4 ancient holy books of Hindus)]
Na main rehnda bhaang sharaban
[Nor am I in weed or liquor (both intoxicants)]
Na main rehnda mast kharaban
[Nor am I ithe carefree deviant]

Na main shadi na ghamnaki
[Nor am I union or grief]
Na main vich paleetan pakeen
[Nor am I in the pure or impure]
Na main aaabi na main khaki
[Nor am I of the water not of the land]

Na main aatish na paun
[Nor am I fire nor air]
Bulla ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla, I know not who i am]

Na main arabi na lahori
[Nor am I Arabic nor from Lahore]
Na main hindi shehar nagaori
[Nor am I the Indian City Of Nagaur]
Na hindu na turk pashauri
[Nor a Hindu or Peshawari turk]

Na main bhet mazhab de paya
[Nor did i Create the difference of faith]
Na main aadam hawwa jaya
[Nor did i create Adam-Eve]
Na koi apna naam dharaya
[Nor did i name myself]

Avval-aakhar aap nu jana
[Begining or End i know just the self]
Na koi dooja hor pacchana
[Do not recognize 'the other one']
Maithon na koi har syana
[there is none wiser than i]

Bulle shauh Kharha hai kaun
[Who is this Bulla Shah (posture reffered, Standing)]
Bulla ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla, I know not who i am]

Bhul chuk maaf ji.