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General Why Does SPN Publish Third-Party Advertisement?

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

I could have been more tactful and diplomatic in my comments earlier, the other postings put mine to shame and resolved the issue for all concerned.

I hope you enjoy the material and content here as much as I do


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
It is great relief to see threads move towards their conclusions in a philosophical way and where needed with Sikhism philosophy linkages. I read the posts in this thread and much good has been stated.

I do want to make one comment and it goes back to the origin of Sikhism. Our Gurus had choices to address the real world around them, both good and bad aspects. They could have also chosen not to address the good or bad and just provide a guidance without reference to such. However our Guru jis decided not to ignore the real world. Hence Sikhism was born. Our Guru ji did not focus on people as good or bad. They focused on actions, beliefs and such.

So Osingh ji as true followers of our Gurus we should not complain if we see bad with the good. When we see bad we need to make a decision and that decision is not about keep calling it bad and be censored but see if in practical terms you can make a difference through your personal world when you have a chance.

Example on hair cutting, if I was as bothered about it as the one biggest item affecting humanity in my neighborhood, I would go to the nearest Hair Saloon and talk to patrons going in or coming out. This is the Guru ji's way. Even if you make a difference in one life, you will remember it for the rest of your life and have a feeling of bliss. So prioritize and see what mission you have set for yourself for such sewa today and act on it in a personal way!

Sat Sri Akal. mundahug
Exactly why GURU NANAK JI travelled all the wy to KURKSHETAR during the KUMBH MELA where millions of Hindus congregate to bathe in the Ganga during the 12 year cyclic Solar eclipse...Guru Ji went there to TALK...EXPLAIN..ILLUSTRATE..His thinking....and He did it so well and in the best most UNIQUE WAY !! By Wading INTO the Ganga and throw water to the WEST...towards the PUNJAB..when everyone else was throwing it to the EAST facing the SUN !! Of course Guru ji was immediately surrounded by a MOB who wanted an immediate reply on this sacrilige/stupidity/useless action !!! And Guru Jis answer left them all SPEECHLESS !!
2. Guur Ji also LIT a FIRE...( absolutley FORBIDDEN)..and Cooked a Goat's Meat (unheard of sacrilige )....again Guru Ji answered so beautifully and well.

Go look at SGGS and see what we are told.....Kicchh sunneah..Kichh KAHEAH .......Listen..and also....SPEAK OUT !! Sach Sunaisee SACH ki Bela...TRUTH always on time....
ROS NA KEEJEH..Uttar DEEJEH....dont be angry....frustrated...PROVIDE ANSWERS !!

Unfortunatley our modersn SIKHS draw their KIRPANS all too soon..or VERBAL DAGGERS..or written KILL anyone who dares to say anything...SODH Dioh..Gaddee cahrrah dio...(murder him) are so common !!

The YOGIS..the SIDHS..the Sadhus etc LEFT this world..because they felt threatend by marriage..BY worldy responisbility...Guru Ji travelled all the way to tell them how WRONG they were...WOMAN is there for US....not to degrade us, destroy us..push us into Hell...but to HELP us achieve UNION with HIM !! The exact same MENTALITY exhibited by some who cant stand even walking past a bar..a cinema..a hair salon....whay not GO INTO A BAR..and talk some lost SIKH BROTHER OUT of his habit..or some lost sister Kaur from plucking her eyebrows...CLOSING our EYES doesnt make the Cat go away..its easier for it to eat the pigeon...Maybe THIS THREAD has EXPOSED this in the Virtual world of the Internet..ha ha then its GOOD. Apologies.


ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār
Dec 21, 2010

I could have been more tactful and diplomatic in my comments earlier, the other postings put mine to shame and resolved the issue for all concerned.

I hope you enjoy the material and content here as much as I do

harry haller bro ji winkingmunda, don't be too hard on yourself.
Creator and creation is very benevolent versus what everyone thinks. Oh don't say that it may hurt someone's feelings. In a way for me the following applies,

  • Temptation is there to go down in your responses to the level of the other side
    • Sometimes that is the right thing and nothing wrong with it
    • Guru Gobind Singh ji would have never fought and just offered the other cheek in love of the killers!
      • No the other side was acting like "Juti de Yaar" (Only a good spanking with a shoe would help")
      • He was proven right and Khalsa survives to this day!
      • This applies as much today in likes of Mai Harinder Kaur ji members of whose family became sacrifice for us
        • She did not just play the beautiful cat routine, she showed the idiots what a Kaur is by taking one of them and disposing of
  • Challenge is there to go up in your response but the danger is it may not register
    • If something does not register it makes no difference whether you responded or not
      • Let us think why the Radaswamis, the Nirankarieh, the Nanaksarias, and other Babey are finding traction with the masses
        • They have become in tune with their audience's needs and given them something in a package that may have nothing to do the persona of Sikhism that they use to deliver it
        • I believe there would be very few who either don't know from relatives or friends who have fallen for this mis-guidance
      • So in this case Sikhism and Sikhs needs to go to the right level and tackle it rather than take too high a road and show how these exploiters are not true Sikhs
I rest perhaps already said enough at various levels peacesign
Sat Sri Akal.

PS: So Harry Haller ji, sinner ji and like minded, we need to start a group and start traveling like the Babeys and get a few singers or a group to connect to the people and then deliver the message perhaps like Babu Mann,

‪Ek baba Nanak si - Babbu Mann's Latest Song - By SharanHayer‬‏ - YouTube

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

many many thanks for your kind comments, however I have to concede that in times of stress and anger, it is comments like mine that inflame rather than defuse. This is quite strange, because in 'real life' I never inflame, I defuse through clown like acts and gallows humour.

You are correct though, taken to the extreme, you can end up trying to be every man to everyone. It works both ways though, some will tell people what they do not want to hear, and everyone will agree with what they do not want to hear, but privately, everyone will carry on as normal, doing what they should not be doing, but not acknowledge what they are doing to anyone, or even themselves in the name of submission, to what they do not want to hear, but want to carry on doing

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