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Why Do You Waver ?

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by Archived_Member16, Apr 6, 2006.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Tilang on Pannaa 724

    iqlµg mhlw 5 Gru 3 ]
    imhrvwnu swihbu imhrvwnu ]
    swihbu myrw imhrvwnu ]
    jIA sgl kau dyie dwnu ] rhwau ]
    qU kwhy folih pRwxIAw quDu rwKYgw isrjxhwru ]
    ijin pYdwieis qU kIAw soeI dyie AwDwru ]1]
    ijin aupweI mydnI soeI krdw swr ]
    Git Git mwlku idlw kw scw prvdgwru ]2]
    kudriq kIm n jwxIAY vfw vyprvwhu ]
    kir bMdy qU bMdgI ijcru Gt mih swhu ]3]
    qU smrQu AkQu Agocru jIau ipMfu qyrI rwis ]
    rhm qyrI suKu pwieAw sdw nwnk kI Ardwis ]4]3]

    thila(n)g mehalaa 5 ghar 3 ||
    miharavaan saahib miharavaan ||
    saahib maeraa miharavaan ||
    jeea sagal ko dhaee dhaan || rehaao ||
    thoo kaahae ddolehi praaneeaa thudhh raakhaigaa sirajanehaar ||
    jin paidhaaeis thoo keeaa soee dhaee aadhhaar ||1||
    jin oupaaee maedhanee soee karadhaa saar ||
    ghatt ghatt maalak dhilaa kaa sachaa paravadhagaar ||2||
    kudharath keem n jaaneeai vaddaa vaeparavaahu ||
    kar ba(n)dhae thoo ba(n)dhagee jichar ghatt mehi saahu ||3||
    thoo samarathh akathh agochar jeeo pi(n)dd thaeree raas ||
    reham thaeree sukh paaeiaa sadhaa naanak kee aradhaas ||4||3||

    Tilang, Fifth Mehl, Third House:
    Merciful, the Lord Master is Merciful.
    My Lord Master is Merciful.
    He gives His gifts to all beings. ||Pause||
    Why do you waver, O mortal being? The Creator Lord Himself shall protect you.
    He who created you, will also give you nourishment. ||1||
    The One who created the world, takes care of it.
    In each and every heart and mind, the Lord is the True Cherisher. ||2||
    His creative potency and His value cannot be known; He is the Great and carefree Lord.
    O human being, meditate on the Lord, as long as there is breath in your body. ||3||
    O God, You are all-powerful, inexpressible and imperceptible; my soul and body are Your capital.
    By Your Mercy, may I find peace; this is Nanak's lasting prayer. ||4||3||


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