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Why did not Sikhs demand areas under Sikh Rule?

Dalvinder Singh Grewal

Jan 3, 2010
Why did not the Sikhs demand areas under Sikh Rule?
Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal

Why did the Sikhs fall into the trap of British-Gandhi-Nehru- Jinnah trap of dividing India on religion-based population. Sikhs should have demanded the areas of Sikhs before the British took over to be handed back to the Sikhs. Through treachery, they have acquired Maharaja Ranjit Singh's kingdom. Sikhs areas also included Phoolkian states. Sikhs would have demanded their areas of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's kingdom and Phoolkian State as a Sikh state in comparison to a Hindu or Muslim state. By some mischief, Master Tara Singh and others fell into the trap and changed the history of Sikh Nation. Why are we asking for a truncated Khalistan? Why not our own area back?

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