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Why Be An Amritdhari ?


Oct 17, 2010
Sat Shri Akal to all,

Transition from a Sikh to Khalsa

My story starts like this..3 years ago, i was a Sikh like u, who had fear whether he can follow Rehet-Maryaada or not after becoming Amritdhari???
Then on 6th Feb 2007 at 11 pm divine thing happened, while i was sitting alone in my room and was thinking about Amrit...a ray of light entered in my eyes, and suddenly i stood up and asked myself a question "Mr Deepinder Singh, do you know your death, if not then how can u be sure that u will take Amrit after some years ??? " And my friend, this question changed my life....

The very next week on 14th Feb 2007, by God's grace i became Amritdhari.... preferred Amrit over my Valentine Day out wid friends.... And i now consider it too be best decision of my life by God's grace...

When i came back home, my family was speechless, i showed them Kirpan, my mother started crying with joy....(I still have the recordings of those sweetest moments of my life) Three and a half years have passed as an Amritdhari..and i have not regretted even for a second, My internal life (my soul) has changed for good, but my external life (my family, friends and career) still remains the same.

The point is if u have doubt whether to take Khande Bate d Pahul or not...then answer is "Yes!! you should become Amritdhari as soon as possible"... Because, Rabb has done kirpa on you to atleast think in this direction. See, Amrit chakkana is not certificate that from now u are 100% pure, its a way of life, where u have started the journey to be pure Khalsa"

Amrit is a way of life, your commitment to yourself, your announcement to the world that for you, your identity is more important than your life.

And your fear, that you may not do anything wrong after taking Amrit, see we all are human beings, and rabb will forgive us if we do something unintentionally wrong after becoming Amritdhari.

So, what are you waiting for !!... Life is very short...

And if u think of becoming Amritdhari...Then dis is the time to become Amritdhari...
As hum kal ho na ho (We don't know how much is our life)...
That's y make most of it now, increase ur Amrit Life as much as possible!!!!

It feels gr88 wen u wake up in morning and sleep at night as a child of our Gurus :)

Don't wait...Just Chakk It... :)


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