Why are sikhs opposing Sikhs ?


Sat Sri Akaal,

Sikhism is understanding of ONE truth of inner awareness common and is available to all humanity, but is veiled by developed intellect.

When the Mind is not pivoted or anchored to everlasting TRUTH mind has belief of duality and there is multiplicity, resulting in formation of deras, sects, and many other formations, devoid from understanding of universal and internal awareness.

Though having the positive role and glorification. Negative aspects of not pivoting the thought to Origins and original concept has given rise to division at philosophy level which manifests in outer realms.

So those who attained realm of everlasting TRUTH are united.

It's ONE and multiple of ONE but not two or more.

Without understanding of Mool Mantra ie Original Syllable.

Ik O Ang Kaar. From One Cell there is multiplicity and is doer. Is Origin and Original concept for all learners to follow.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
In context of present status of Khalsa Panth many friends feel discouraged or finding faults with the past leaders even the Sikh Society right from decline of empire of Maharaja Ranjit Singh to up to date. In this context and scenario of unique role of Khalsa Panth, I am able to view the March of Khalsa ji across History. The seed Sikhi of Baba Nanak emerging the Saint Soldier Khalsa marched across History of the Waheguru for the Waheguru ji, made innumerable sacrifices valiantly for the ONENESS. Khalsa had Nursery classes with Sh: Guru Hargobind ji and graduated himself under Sh: Guru Gobind Singh ji. Then onwards with several warriors generals like Baba Banda Bahadur ji Jassa Singh Alhuwalia, moved across Ghaloo Ghara many more mile stones to able General Groups of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Hari Singh Nalwa, Akali Phoola Singh many others and finally temporary loss due to company around of reactionary Society Manuwadi system lost to Britishers. Then again Khalsa woke up in Gaddar lehar with icon Kartar Singh Sarabha legacy continued with Bhagat Singh and associates other stalwarts like Maharaj Singh and the Jallianwala Bag was sacrifice like Ghalooghara. Making it brief THE BRITISH AND THEIR STOOGES BARIISTERS TEAM IN CONGRESS HOOD WINKED NOT ONLY KHALSA BUT ALSO THE AZAD HIND FAUZ (INA) AND OTHER REVOLUTIONARY FIGHTERS AS WELL. SO THIS IS THE TEMPORARY WIN/GAIN OF MIGHTY BRITISH AND MANUWADI BARRISTERS STOOGE TEAM. The Ghalloo- ghara got repeated in 1984 and once again the war of liberation could not be doused and keeps smoldering. But the War of Baba Nanak's Mission is on ( to liberate the masses from state exploitation and make (DEG TEG FATEH HALEMI RAJ) ZANG ZAREE HAI. THE PRESENT FARMERS REVOLUTIONARY AGITATION IS A PHEANOMENON OF WAHEGURU JI GIVING ONCE MORE THE LEADERSHIP/JATHEDARI TO KHALSA PANTH TO SPEARHEAD THE LIBERATION OF INDIAN SUBCONTINENT. KHALSA JI HAS ONCE MORE DONE THE ON 26TH JANUARAY 2021 WHAT BHAGAT SINGH DID IN THE THEN AASEMBLY HALL TO MAKE THE DEAF RULERS LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF MASSES. I THINK FOR SUCH REVOLUTIONARY WARS THIS TIME SCALE IS VERY BRIEF. The war is on with more better results. KHALSA IS NOT MEANT TO WIN ESTABLISH AN EMPIRE AND THEN TAKE REST. MORE POSITIVE WINNING MILE STONES ARE COMING AND SHALL CONTINUE. PLEASE HELP TO NURTURE THE RANKS AND FILES OF KHALSA BY MAKING YOUR FAMILIES/FRIENDS GOOD SIKHS.