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Why Are Religionist So Intolerant Compared To Atheists And Free Thinkers?

Jun 1, 2004
A freethinker asked me...

Q:: Why are religionist so intolerant compared to atheists and free thinkers? By religionist I mean Church going Christians, temple going Sikhs and Hindus and the same for Buddhism, Islam and many other religions. I've noticed that as one comes closer his or her religion, they also become more intolerant adn this is despite the good teachings in their scriptures.

Look at Sikhs today, tolerance is the hallmark of Sikhism but yet today most Sikhs today are far from tolerant. I have been chastised by moderators in Sikh forums for not agreeing the preachings of Bhai Gurdas. I was in fact warned that I might be banned. What a shame. Compare that to Sinas forum who is a free thinker, one is allowed to express themselves to the fullest. It is actions of these religionist that kept me away from any religion for a long time now.
Jun 1, 2004
My reply was...

Well, look at me, do you percieve me to be intolerant to other religions... ? Please quote.

Atheists, well, they believe in no God so they are religionist as well... If they are in peace with themselves then best of luck to them.

Free thinkers... What is this category... ? Do you consider those people freethinkers, who manipulate. I would rather call them loose thinkers unless they indulge in constructive criticism.

Visit our network, you will be pleasantly surprised. you will not be chastised... you will not be banned... you will have full freedom to express yourself... infact you will have full freedom raise the most infectious issues... but only until you restore to construtive criticism based on your understanding and not your assumptions. our moto... Ask questions, get and give replies...
You will be pleasantly surprised...
Our network will be run by our members... everyone is invited to join without prejudice !!!

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