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Who Is True Saint/Sant?

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by sikhwizeman, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. sikhwizeman

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    Aug 10, 2006
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    According to Mahan Kosh (P. 243) the term 'Sant' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Saant' or 'Shaant', meaning spiritually poised i.e. keeping mental as well as physical feelings under control.

    What does Gurbani say about true Sant?

    Awsw mhlw 5 ] AwT phr inkit kir jwnY ] pRB kw kIAw mITw mwnY ] eyku nwmu sMqn AwDwru ] hoie rhy sB kI pg Cwru ]1] sMq rhq sunhu myry BweI ] auAw kI mihmw kQnu n jweI ]1] rhwau ] vrqix jw kY kyvl nwm ] And rUp kIrqnu ibsRwm ] imqR sqRü jw kY eyk smwnY ] pRB Apuny ibnu Avru n jwnY ]2] koit koit AG kwtnhwrw ] duK dUir krn jIA ky dwqwrw ] sUrbIr bcn ky blI ] kaulw bpurI sMqI ClI ]3] qw kw sMgu bwCih surdyv ] AmoG drsu sPl jw kI syv ] kr joiV nwnku kry Ardwis ] moih sMqh thl dIjY guxqwis ]4]37]88] {pMnw 392}

    pd ArQ
    :—inkit—nyVy [ mwno—mMndw hY [ sMqn—sMqW dw [ AwDwru—Awsrw [ pg—pYr [ Cwru—suAwh, DUV [1[
    rhq—jIvn-jugiq, rihxI [ auAw kI—aus (rihq) dI [ mihmw—vifAweI [1[rhwau[
    vrqix—roz dw Awhr [ jw kY—ijs dy ihrdy ivc [ And rUp kIrqnu—AwnMd-srUp pRBU dI is&iq-swlwh [ ibsRwm—tyk, shwrw [ sqü®—vYrI [ smwn—brwbr [2[
    AG—pwp [ kwtnhwrw—k`tx dI qwkq vwlw [ jIA ky dwqwrw—Awqmk jIvn dyx vwly [ sUrbIr—sUrmy [ blI—bhwdr [ kaulw—mwieAw [ bpurI—ivcwrI [ sMqI—sMqW ny [ ClI—v`s ivc kr leI [3[
    qw kw—aus (sMq) dw [ bwCih—cwhMudy hn [ surdyv—AkwSI dyvqy [ AmoG—ivArQ nwh jwx vwlw [ sPl—Pl dyx vwlI [ kr—(dovyN) h`Q [ joiV—joV ky [ moih—mYƒ [ guxqwis—hy guxW dy ^zwny hrI ! [4[

    :—hy myry vIr ! (prmwqmw dy) sMq dI jIvn-jugqI sux (aus dw jIvn ieqnw au~cw hY ik) aus dw vf`px ibAwn nhIN kIqw jw skdw [1[rhwau[
    prmwqmw dw Bgq prmwqmw ƒ A`Ty pihr Awpxy nyVy v`sdw smJdw hY, jo kuJ prmwqmw krdw hY aus ƒ im`Tw kr ky mMndw hY [ (hy vIr !) prmwqmw dw nwm hI sMq jnW (dI izMdgI) dw Awsrw (bixAw rihMdw) hY [ sMq jn sBnW dy pYrW dI DUV bxy rihMdy hn [1[
    (hy BweI ! sMq auh hY) ijs dy ihrdy ivc isr& hir ismrn dw hI Awhr itikAw rihMdw hY, sdw AwnMd rihx vwly prmwqmw dI is&iq swlwh hI (sMq dI izMdgI dw) shwrw hY [ (hy BweI ! sMq auh hY) ijs dy mn ivc im`qr qy vYrI ieko ijhy (im`qr hI) l`gdy hn (ikauNik sMq sB jIvW ivc) Awpxy pRBU qoN ibnw iksy hor ƒ (v`sdw) nhIN smJdw [2[

    (hy BweI ! prmwqmw dw sMq hornW dy) ko®VW hI pwp dUr krn dI qwkq r`Kdw hY [ (hy BweI !) prmwqmw dy sMq (dUijAW dy) du`K dUr krn jogy ho jWdy hn auh (lokW ƒ) Awqmk jIvn dyx dI smrQw r`Kdy hn [ (pRBU dy sMq ivkwrW dy twkry qy) sUrmy hMudy hn, kIqy bcnW dI pwlxw krdy hn [ (sMqW dI ingwh ivc ieh mwieAw BI inmwxI ijhI jwpdI hY) ies inmwxI mwieAw ƒ sMqW ny Awpxy v`s ivc kr ilAw hMudw hY [3[

    (hy BweI !) prmwqmw dy sMq dw imlwp AwkwSI dyvqy BI loVdy rihMdy hn [ sMq dw drSn ivArQ nhIN jWdw, sMq dI syvw zrUr Pl dyNdI hY [

    (hy BweI !) nwnk (dovyN) h`Q joV ky ArzoeI krdw hY—hy guxW dy ^zwny pRBU ! mYƒ sMq jnW dI syvw dI dwiq b^S [4[37[88[

    English translation below:

    (Singh Sahib Sant Singh Khalsa, MD)

    Asaa Mehl Fifth

    Twenty-four hours a day, he knows the Lord to be near at hand;
    he surrenders to the Sweet Will of God.
    The One Name is the Support of the Saints;
    they remain the dust of the feet of all. ||1||
    Listen, to the way of life of the Saints, O my Siblings of Destiny;
    their praises cannot be described. ||1||Pause||
    Their occupation is the Naam, the Name of the Lord.
    The Kirtan, the Praise of the Lord, the embodiment of bliss, is their rest.
    Friends and enemies are one and the same to them.
    They know of no other than God. ||2||
    They erase millions upon millions of sins.
    They dispel suffering; they are givers of the life of the soul.
    They are so brave; they are men of their word.
    The Saints have enticed Maya herself. ||3||
    Their company is cherished even by the gods and the angels.
    Blessed is their Darshan, and fruitful is their service.
    With his palms pressed together, Nanak offers his prayer:
    O Lord, Treasure of Excellence, please bless me with the service of the Saints. ||4||37||88||

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  3. kuldeepsb5

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    Mar 9, 2010
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    Every day we read adds/hear announcements that so & so SANT/108 BRAHAM GYANI BABA JI will attend DIWAN and will tell Gursangat about Sikhism/Sikh life /Gurbani. But do we know as to who is SANT/ BRAHAM GYANI in Sikhism. For this we have to take guidance from pious GURBANI because whatever Gurbani tells us ,the same has to be obeyed by a SIKH (but a number of so called Sikhs have been doing misinterpretation of the quotes from GURBANI so as to suit their status & satisfy their false ego)
    GURBANI in Sri Guru Granth Sahib tells us :-
    ( Asa BHAGAT KABIR JI Ang no.476 )
    and it means that the almighty WAHEGURU or AKALPURAKH himself is the "SANT"
    SADA SEHAJ SUBHAYE...." ( Maroo Ashtpadi Mehla 5 Ang 1018)
    and all this is self explanatory.
    Is their any so called SANT at present who gives same treatment to enemies and foes, goes every where with the same enthusiasm whether the place is cool or hot or a place with foul smell (poorshouses)or scented place,...anybody whosoever comes whose near and losts his all sorrows,..and he ,who does not overcomes( by talking about himself only ) others and lives always simply and under devine style ( sehaj subhaye)
    At least I could not find any person in present era who bears all the above qualities.
    Now a days the so called SANTS keep dozens of body guards with them.( bcoz. the are afraid of enemies). No body is tyagi of MAYA but having heavy n huge bank balances increasing day by day.
    If we go through our HISTORY, no body has been called/addressed/designated as SANT
    during the life time of OUR GURU SAHIBAN. Even the most great SIKHS like Baba Buddha ji,Bhai Lehna ji(who later on became GURU ANGAD JI)Bhai Gurdas Ji,Bhai Manjh Ji,Bhai Salo JI,Bhai Bidhi Chand Ji Bhai Daya Singh Ji and four other PYARE,Bhai Mati Das ji,Bhai Sati Das ji,Bhai Dayala ji,Bhai JIWAN SINGH JI(Ranghreta guru ka beta),Bhai SANGAT SINGH JI ( who sacrificed himself at Chamkaur Sahib in place of GURU GOBIND SINGH JI as his face and body structure and height was resemling with GURU JI),Baba GURBAKHASH SINGH JI ( the real name of BABA BAND BAHADUR JI ) etc. were known and were called as BHAI OR BABA during lifetime of our GURUS.Are we more intelligent than our GURUS,and have started nominating/adressing the persons as SANTS? I think definitely no. Than why it is so?
    So please and please avoid to use the world SANT for any person. We should rather call him BHAI SAHIB or BABA JI ( if he is aged ).I beg pardon from evwery body whose sentiments may have been hert by this message but it was my primary duty to share the thoughts which I have concived whilst reciting SEHAJ PATHS.
    Bhul chuk lai khima bakhani ji.
    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh.
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