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Gurus Who Is Behind Martyrdom Of Guru Arjun Ji

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Who is really behind the Martyrdom of Guru Arjun ji Sahib...
Our History has many unexplained mysteries...the REAL CULPRIT hides behind a smokescreen !! What Drama...What mystery...What intrigue !!

For a long time Nearly ALL sikh missionaries.ragis.kathawachaks etc were simply telling tall tales about the Shahaeedee...each had his own masalla story. All agreed that CHANDU was the Main CULPRIT and Jehangir was the fall guy.
Then suddenly the Taujekeh Jehangiri became a hot topic...seemingly the Personal Diary of Emperor Jehangir himself had recorded and in it the Emperor "admitted" he ordered the execution of Guru Arjun Ji...
But Further research now reveals GLARING ANOMALIES in the so called Tujhkeh Jehangiri.
IT becomes Crystal Clear that Jehangir never wrote any such Diary and that it is probbaly the work of later writers who put Jehangirs name to it.
In the Diary Jehangir is saying... FOR MANY I have PONDERED over the Shop of Falsehood that Arjun of GOINDWAAL is having on the BEAS. This Falsehod has entrapped lots of Hindus and most unsatisfactorily..many MUSLIMS as well. I am of the mood to SHUT down this shop once and for all.
Glaring errors:..For many Years....Jehangir had been on the throne LESS than a YEAR before the Martyrdom of Guru Ji.
Guru Arjun Ji was NOT in GOINDWAAL on the BEAS..He was in AMRITSAR constructing the Harmandir Sahiba and Compiling the AAD Granth Sahib Ji. Guru arjun Ji only spent his CHILDHOOD days at Goindwaal with Guru Amardass Ji..Dohitha bani ka bohitha..and when Jehangir came to the Throne of Delhi Guru ji had been staying at Amrtisar for many years with Guru ramdass JI... How could an Emperor make such Glaring and SILLY mistakes...BUT SUCH MISTAKES are aplenty in "Sikh History" books like the Gurbilas Patshahi chhevin, Bhai bala janasakhi, Bachittar natak.dsm granth, bhai Gurdass Jis 41st vaar etc. A COINCIDENCE ??? SO MANY COINCIDENCES ?? THINK.
2. IF Jehangir really wanted to Close down this "shop of falsehood"..WHY did he then befriend GURU HARGOBIND JI... Surely he was aware that Guru hargobind Ji was also following the exact same PATH (shop of falsehood !! ).
3. ON Chandus false report/complaint that the AAD Garnth had elements agianst Islam and Hinduism..Jehangir had ordered a FINE of 2 Lakh and confiscation of all property of Guru Ji..NOT his DEATH. How dod the DEATH come in ?? CHANDU was on the GROUND..while Jehangir was in far off DELHI busy in Wine and Women 24/7.
4.The Person who is said to have arrested Guru Ji is named Murtazah Khan..Governor of GUJERAT. How coudl the Gov of Gujerat coem into PUNJAB and arrest a Punjab Resident ?? The PUNJAB Governor was KULEEZ KHAN. Surely Kuleez Khan woudl never allow another to butt into his affairs. WHY and who made this mistake ?? Coincidence or NOT KNOWING HISTORY/ the many other unknown writers of Sikh hsitory.. EXAMPLE...Gurdass Ji Vaar 41 also EXHIBIT !!
5.Jehangir ordered the ENTIRE FAMILY of Guru Ji arrested and the Fine paid.
Chandu only took his REVENGE on Guru Arjun Ji..he did not follow the rest of the Imperial Command. How ?? and Why ?? Ddidnt eh Emperor even ask ?? or he wasnt interested anyway...and Chandu knew that and did what he liked...
6.When Jehangir DID FIND OUT..he had CHANDU arrested and handed over to Guru hargobind Ji for appropriate punishment. Does that look like a GUILTY Emperor ?? or one who was BETRAYED by his underlings...CHANDU and Gang.
(BTW remeber the other Diwan.. SUCHA NAND .who tried his very best to make the Governor Sarhind PUT TO DEATH the Younger Sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji. When the Nawab of Malerkotla walked out in PROTEST and DISGUST at such an ANTI-KORAN action of a fellow muslim.. and the OTHERS were also of similar mind....SUCHA NAND pleaded and gave the follwoing reason..MY Lord..these are sons of Guru Gobind Singh..KILL them...... just as we KILL Baby Snakes too or they will grow up and bite us !! DONT make the mISTAKE of pardoning them...

Contemporary Muslim Historian Mohsin Fahni is also of the opinion that the Tuzhkeh Jehangiri is NOT the writing of Jehangir but later writers. ( quoted by Harinder singh mehboob in Sehaj Rachio Khalsa).

Now we coem to some other instances which could have led to Guru Arjun Jis "death" but NOT "martyrdom" !! and if not for Guru Jsi MARTYRDOM..Sikhi/Gurmatt wouldnt have taken such a Major TURNING POINT.
Many attempts were made to finish off Guru Arjun Ji.

First was by a Uncle of the Muslim General Sulhi Khan. Incesned by his failure to kill Guru Arjun Sulhi Khan himself brought an army..but on the way his horse rode straight into a burning kiln..BOTH horse and rider were roasted alive. The THIRD attempt was by Birbal..adviser of Akbar who vowed to kill Guru Arjun after his victory agaisnt the enemy in Peshavar...but He himself was killed in Battle at Peshawar.
Now all these THREE ATTEMPTS..IF successful would have put an end to Guru Arjun Jis life...BUT that death would not have been a MARTYRS DEATH. We can say that AKAL PURAKH intervened and "death" was avoided..Guru ji himself says that Akal Purakh has saved his Bhgat...and the Tyranical Sulhi Khan who came to burn him..was burnt by Akal purakh !!..BUT...then DEATH MUST COME at any cost....and it the hands of CHANDU....who became the cause of Guru Jis ASutee Shahadatt..the MIRACLE of Martyrdom that Brouht the fledgling child GURMATT on the CROSSROADS that were to eventually LEAD to the CROWN of the Khalsa Raaj !! Guru Jis Martyrdom is the SPARK that set ablaze this huge pile of DYNAMITE !! Guru Jis martyrdom set the FOUNDATIONS of Gurmatt so deep that they will last till the end of the world. Guur ji taught us that when its time to USE the WORD...the PEACE...the DISCUSSION...the DEBATE...USE IT//and when its time to use the SWORD..then USE THAT. There is a CORRECT time for BOTH....use of the wrong instrument at the wrong time brings disaster. Guur Ji gave his life as an EXAMPLE of PEACEFUL RESISTANCE....and then INSTRUCTED his Son Guru hargobind Ji to USE the SECOND OPTION...and HE DID most successfully.
VICHAAR...fight with VICHAAR...:thumbup:SWORD..fight with SWORD..:thumbup:.never MIX the two.:thumbup:

ALL THIS is clear proof that OUR HISTORY is MESSED UP..REAL BAD. We seriously need to Go back and do RESEARCH...vichaar...and SIFT through all the CHAFF spread by self serving enemies of the Sikhs..and take out the KERNEL OF TRUTH. Even Today there are many "descendants of CHANDU and SUCHA Nands..among us..soem even in Khalsa disguise..sants babas, brahmgianis, derawallahs, dehdharee worshippers...who are INTENT on BLOWING UP THE CHAFF so as to keep it all UPWIND..and CONFUSE us...and spread keep the GYAAN of Sikhi mired/obscured...BUT they fail to see the TRUTH..the SURAJ..the SUN of GYAAN will SHINE OUT..sooner than later..their time is OVER.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
May 24, 2008
Gyani Ji ,
There is one GUJRAT town in West Punjab also from where Chaudhary Pervez Elahi ex-CM of West Punjab ( PML-Q ) fought his election .

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
YES ji..that would be near Multan..also having a Governor...BUT the one having power in Guru jis case would be Gov of LAHORE Punjab...NOT Gujrat or Multan...and Lahore Gov was Kuleeez Khan. Thanks.

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