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Who Is A True Disciple

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Who Is A True Disciple

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 4

mwxs dyh su Kyh hY iqs ivc jIBY leI nkIbI]
AKIN dyKin rUp rMg nwd kMn sun krn rkIbI]
nk suvws invws hY pMjy dUq burI qrqIbI]
sBdUM nIvyN crn hoie Awp gvwie nsIb nsIbI]
haumYN rog imtwiedw siqgur pUrw krY qbIbI]
pYrIN pY rihrws kr gurisK sux gur isK mnIbI]
murdw hoie murId grIbI ]ó]

maanas dhaeh s khaeh hai this vich jeebhai lee nakeebee||
akhee(n) dhaekhan roop ra(n)g naadh ka(n)n sun karan rakeebee||
nak suvaas nivaas hai pa(n)jae dhooth buree tharatheebee||
sabhadhoo(n) neevae(n) charan hoe aap gavaae naseeb naseebee||
houmai(n) rog mittaaeidhaa sathigur pooraa karai thabeebee||
pairee(n) pai rehiraas kar gurasikh sun gur sikh maneebee||
muradhaa hoe mureedh gareebee ||a||

Human body is like ashes but in it the tongue is admirable (for its benefits).
The eyes behold forms and colours and the ears take care of the sounds- musical and otherwise.
Nose is the abode of smell and thus all these five couriers (of the body) remain indulged in these pleasures (and become futile).
Among these all, the feet are placed at the lowest level and they repudiating ego are fortunate.
The true Guru by giving treatment removes the malady of ego.
The true disciples of the Guru touch the feet and bow and abide by the instructions of the Guru.
He who becomes humble and dead to all desires is the true disciple.



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