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General Who Has Visited The Member Blogs?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Have you discovered the Member Blogs yet? They are at an entirely different longitude and latitude of the Forum-- which is a big planet in its own right.

When the Blogs appeared on the Forum several weeks ago -- Admin Aman Singh was there by himself on a lone Blog encouraging others to think their thoughts out loud, share their contemplation, discovery, and understanding.

Then there were 2 Blogs, and then there were 3, and then 4 and now there are 6. More Blogs to discover on any given day.

The climate in the Blogs is soothing and you can almost hear the current of the naad. The atmosphere is calm and lovely. The inhabitants are a spiritual lot. The fare they serve up is mostly reflective and has depth and richness. It will nourish and draw you into a thoughtful place.

Go to the Blogs and meet another face of Sikhi. The trip is worth it. A vacation in a sea of serenity.

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