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General Which God Did The Sikh Martyrs Die For?

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Bans Banz, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Bans Banz

    Bans Banz United Kingdom
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    Jan 24, 2017
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    All religions are full of martyrs who died for their god. Sikhism is no exception.
    My question is that the God of Sikhs 'Ek Onkar' and the various other attributes never really made himself known to the Gurus and people like the Yehowa of the Bible or the Ram and Krishan of the Hindus. To me it would seem the god of the Sikhs is a mixture of Biblical, Vedic and the koranic definition of god.
    Salvation of Sikhs is in the works, living by the rules. There seem to be two type of Sikhs. Sikhs who follow the Amrit covenant of the tenth guru and the others who do what best they can do and perhaps follow the scriptures even better. There does not seem to salvation as such but the hope that the cycle of birth and death would be shortened. Then what? In the Sikhs, people find glory by killing and be killed. And so in other religions according to the scriptures.
    in the New testament, Jesus commands Christians to love their enemies, pray for them, feed them if they are hungry and cloth them if they are naked. I am here talking of the scriptures and the covenant of Jesus Christ and not the Old Testament. Christianity does contain the Old Testament but Jesus made some rules very clear like the punishment by stoning when he challenged the Jews who were going to stone to death the woman..
    Attainment of Salvation is given by Grace, not by works which is unattainable. And confession of sins and taking Christ as the Saviour.
    In my opinion , no other Guru or Prophet has guaranteed that, for the simple reason that only God
    can grant that. and Jesus is Lord, He is God. The Bible points to that and Jesus made statements to that effect.
    He suffered as man, rose from the dead and lived among His people for 40 days and ascended to heaven. He is alive and there are millions of testimonies by people of all faiths who have come to Christ after the encounter with HIM.
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  3. Original

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    Writer SPNer

    Jan 10, 2011
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    ..not really ! what of the soldiers who die fighting for a just cause, are they not "martyrs" of democracy ?
    Heroes blood are the seeds of "freedom", is democracy a religion then since millions died defending it ?
    ..no, Sikhs don't have a God per se, but yes "Ekonkar", an All embracing and encapsulating ultimate reality within which is found Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and the rest. An objective and absolute "truth" called "satnam".
    ..you need to dig deep because the ultimate reality [God] is nameless, shapeless, timeless and is beyond time n space. Which God you referring to ?
    ..no, not salvation of the Sikhs, but yes, salvation of the soul through the 3 pillar of Sikhism, namely, honest earnings, sharing with those less privileged and meditation on the nameless.
    ..by definition everyone is a Sikh, meaning, student or disciple of this here human birth and so are you, albeit, separated by a system of belief.
    ..you've missed the plot by a mile. Sikhism is a journey of the soul, first in the physical world and then in the metaphysical. The physical world is a playground and a disciplinary arena to get prepared for the real deal following the death of the physical body. The juicy bits and the infinite spiritual excursions starts once the soul has left the body and gone through the stargate to the land of "love".
    A Sikh never dies and is never born, he/she has always been here. Its the play of "maya" [illusion] that deludes. In other words, human intelligence mistakes the shadows for "reality" - meaning, ultimate reality.
    ...Sikhs too believe that Jesus Christ was good, great, beautiful and all the extras, but yet the son of the same holy spirit from whence cometh the rest of creation.

    God bless you !
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  4. sukhsingh

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    Writer SPNer

    Aug 14, 2012
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    All of your descriptions and understanding of sikhi, Sikhism and sikh theology is completely alien to me. May I ask how you have arrived at your conclusions?
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