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Where Is This Verse?

Jul 30, 2004
Gurfateh Ji!

Das is interested to know about a verse in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

It is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji.

In That he states that to worship God,By giving Examples nothing could be ideal.

For worshipping God one has to be perfect like God.

Das wants this help from all brothers and sister to tell him that on which page(Ang).This verse is?


Sep 16, 2004
This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 324
gauVI kbIr jI ]ngn iPrq jO pweIAY jogu ]bn kw imrgu mukiq sBu hogu ]1]ikAw nwgy ikAw bwDy cwm ]jb nhI cInis Awqm rwm ]1] rhwau ]mUf muMfwey jO isiD pweI ]mukqI Byf n geIAw kweI ]2]ibMdu rwiK jO qrIAY BweI ]KusrY ikau n prm giq pweI ]3]khu kbIr sunhu nr BweI ]rwm nwm ibnu ikin giq pweI ]4]4]
gourree kabeer jee ||nagan firath ja paaeeai jog ||ban kaa mirag mukath sabh hog ||1||kiaa naagae kiaa baadhhae chaam ||jab nehee cheenas aatham raam ||1|| rehaao ||moodd mu(n)ddaaeae ja sidhh paaee ||mukathee bhaedd n geeaa kaaee ||2||bi(n)dh raakh ja thareeai bhaaee ||khusarai kio n param gath paaee ||3||kahu kabeer sunahu nar bhaaee ||raam naam bin kin gath paaee ||4||4||

Gauree, Kabeer Jee:If Yoga could be obtained by wandering around naked,then all the deer of the forest would be liberated. ||1||What does it matter whether someone goes naked, or wears a deer skin,if he does not remember the Lord within his soul? ||1||Pause||If the spiritual perfection of the Siddhas could be obtained by shaving the head,then why haven't sheep found liberation? ||2||If someone could save himself by celibacy, O Siblings of Destiny,why then haven't eunuchs obtained the state of supreme dignity? ||3||Says Kabeer, listen, O men, O Siblings of Destiny:without the Lord's Name, who has ever found salvation? ||4||4||

This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 334
gauVI ]jogI khih jogu Bl mITw Avru n dUjw BweI ]ruMifq muMifq eykY sbdI eyie khih isiD pweI ]1]hir ibnu Brim Bulwny AMDw ]jw pih jwau Awpu Cutkwvin qy bwDy bhu PMDw ]1] rhwau ]jh qy aupjI qhI smwnI ieh ibiD ibsrI qb hI ]pMifq guxI sUr hm dwqy eyih khih bf hm hI ]2]ijsih buJwey soeI bUJY ibnu bUJy ikau rhIAY ]siqguru imlY AMDyrw cUkY ien ibiD mwxku lhIAY ]3]qij bwvy dwhny ibkwrw hir pdu idRVu kir rhIAY ]khu kbIr gUMgY guVu KwieAw pUCy qy ikAw khIAY ]4]7]51]

gourree ||jogee kehehi jog bhal meet(h)aa avar n dhoojaa bhaaee ||ru(n)ddith mu(n)ddith eaekai sabadhee eaee kehehi sidhh paaee ||1||har bin bharam bhulaanae a(n)dhhaa ||jaa pehi jaao aap shhuttakaavan thae baadhhae bahu fa(n)dhhaa ||1|| rehaao ||jeh thae oupajee thehee samaanee eih bidhh bisaree thab hee ||pa(n)ddith gunee soor ham dhaathae eaehi kehehi badd ham hee ||2||jisehi bujhaaeae soee boojhai bin boojhae kio reheeai ||sathigur milai a(n)dhhaeraa chookai ein bidhh maanak leheeai ||3||thaj baavae dhaahanae bikaaraa har padh dhrirr kar reheeai ||kahu kabeer goo(n)gai gurr khaaeiaa pooshhae thae kiaa keheeai ||4||7||51||

Gauree :The Yogi says that Yoga is good and sweet, and nothing else is, O Siblings of Destiny.Those who shave their heads, and those who amputate their limbs, and those who utter only a single word, all say that they have attained the spiritual perfection of the Siddhas. ||1||Without the Lord, the blind ones are deluded by doubt.And those, to whom I go to find release - they themselves are bound by all sorts of chains. ||1||Pause||The soul is re-absorbed into that from which it originated, when one leaves this path of errors.The scholarly Pandits, the virtuous, the brave and the generous, all assert that they alone are great. ||2||He alone understands, whom the Lord inspires to understand. Without understanding, what can anyone do?Meeting the True Guru, the darkness is dispelled, and in this way, the jewel is obtained. ||3||Give up the evil actions of your left and right hands, and grasp hold of the Feet of the Lord.Says Kabeer, the mute has tasted the molasses, but what can he say about it if he is asked? ||4||7||51||
Jul 30, 2004
Gurfateh Ji!

Das was asking for perhaps this one

kbIr bYsno hUAw q ikAw BieAw mwlw mylIN cwir ] (1372-5, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
kabeer baisno hoo-aa ta ki-aa bha-i-aa maalaa mayleeN chaar.
Kabeer, what good is it to become a devotee of Vishnu, and wear four malas?

bwhir kMcnu bwrhw BIqir BrI BMgwr ]145] (1372-5, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
baahar kanchan baarhaa bheetar bharee bhangaar. ||145||
On the outside, he may look like pure gold, but on the inside, he is stuffed with dust. ||145||

kbIr roVw hoie rhu bwt kw qij mn kw AiBmwnu ] (1372-6, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
kabeer rorhaa ho-ay rahu baat kaa taj man kaa abhimaan.
Kabeer, let yourself be a pebble on the path; abandon your egotistical pride.

AYsw koeI dwsu hoie qwih imlY Bgvwnu ]146] (1372-6, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
aisaa ko-ee daas ho-ay taahi milai bhagvaan. ||146||
Such a humble slave shall meet the Lord God. ||146||

kbIr roVw hUAw q ikAw BieAw pMQI kau duKu dyie ] (1372-7, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
kabeer rorhaa hoo-aa ta ki-aa bha-i-aa panthee ka-o dukh day-ay.
Kabeer, what good would it be, to be a pebble? It would only hurt the traveller on the path.

AYsw qyrw dwsu hY ijau DrnI mih Kyh ]147] (1372-7, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
aisaa tayraa daas hai ji-o Dharnee meh khayh. ||147||
Your slave, O Lord, is like the dust of the earth. ||147||

kbIr Kyh hUeI qau ikAw BieAw jau auif lwgY AMg ] (1372-8, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
kabeer khayh hoo-ee ta-o ki-aa bha-i-aa ja-o ud laagai ang.
Kabeer, what then, if one could become dust? It is blown up by the wind, and sticks to the body.

hir jnu AYsw cwhIAY ijau pwnI srbMg ]148] (1372-8, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
har jan aisaa chaahee-ai ji-o paanee sarbang. ||148||
The humble servant of the Lord should be like water, which cleans everything. ||148||

kbIr pwnI hUAw q ikAw BieAw sIrw qwqw hoie ] (1372-9, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
kabeer paanee hoo-aa ta ki-aa bha-i-aa seeraa taataa ho-ay.
Kabeer, what then, if one could become water? It becomes cold, then hot.

hir jnu AYsw cwhIAY jYsw hir hI hoie ]149] (1372-9, slok, Bgq kbIr jI)
har jan aisaa chaahee-ai jaisaa har hee ho-ay. ||149||
The humble servant of the Lord should be just like the Lord. ||149||

(page 1372 SGGS)

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