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India When Kalmadi's Night Out Turned Into Nightmare

Jan 1, 2010
When Kalmadi's night out turned into nightmare

MP mobbed while having dinner with friends. Blamed for Games corruption

It's not easy being Suresh Kalmadi these days. With the Commonwealth Games almost becoming a national shame, the organising committee chief is facing flak from every quarter. What he didn't expect though was to be humiliated at a city restaurant.


The restaurant Taman Gang is situated in Vasant Kunj. Kalmadi's car
was spotted in the parking. Pic/mid day

That too reportedly happened last Saturday when a group of youngsters verbally abused him at a restaurant in a mall. It was 8:30 pm when Kalmadi entered the Taman Gang restaurant situated inside the DLF Promenade Mall in south Delhi. He was accompanied by two people and had a personal security officer as well, who was asked to wait outside.

It did not take long for a group of four young men to recognise him. "The guests kept staring at him, but Kalmadi was busy talking to his two friends. He placed the order and was waiting for the food when a group of young men who were sitting on a nearby table stood up and moved menacingly towards his table," a source at the restaurant told MiD DAY.

"I thought they were fans and wanted to speak to Kalmadi about the Games, but they started shouting at him," he said.

They said that he (Kalmadi) had ordered food from taxpayers' money which he stole. "You have cornered all the profits and did not do anything. You are responsible for the falling bridges, the filth in the Games village and the caving of roads. You have put our country to shame and do not have even an iota of repentance. What kind of a man are you?" the men reportedly told Kalmadi.

"You are the biggest cheater in this country. You do not deserve to sit and dine with us here," they reportedly said.

As these men, who could not be identified, hurled abuses on the Indian Olympic Association chief, others at the eatery looked on.

The drama continued for about 7-8 minutes and then Kalmadi called his security officer who was waiting outside, the source said.

As soon as the security officer came inside, other diners at the restaurant joined the chorus.
They said how dare he (Kalmadi) act against a bunch of young men who were speaking nothing but the truth.
"You have indulged in all kinds of corruption and now you want to us to keep mum," the diners reportedly said.
"Kalmadi and his friends were shocked to hear such words. He was horrified" the source added. Realising the gravity of the situation, the OC chief left the scene.

Rajneesh Madhok



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