When HE Comes To Mind

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    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1141

    BYrau mhlw 5 ]
    cIiq AwvY qW mhw Anµd ]
    cIiq AwvY qW siB duK BMj ]
    cIiq AwvY qW srDw pUrI ]
    cIiq AwvY qW kbih n JUrI ]1]
    AMqir rwm rwie pRgty Awie ]
    guir pUrY dIE rMgu lwie ]1] rhwau ]
    cIiq AwvY qW srb ko rwjw ]
    cIiq AwvY qW pUry kwjw ]
    cIiq AwvY qW rMig gulwl ]
    cIiq AwvY qW sdw inhwl ]2]
    cIiq AwvY qW sd DnvMqw ]
    cIiq AwvY qW sd inBrMqw ]
    cIiq AwvY qW siB rMg mwxy ]
    cIiq AwvY qW cUkI kwxy ]3]
    cIiq AwvY qW shj Gru pwieAw ]
    cIiq AwvY qW suMin smwieAw ]
    cIiq AwvY sd kIrqnu krqw ]
    mnu mwinAw nwnk BgvMqw ]4]8]21]

    bhairo mehalaa 5 ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) mehaa ana(n)dh ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) sabh dhukh bha(n)j ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) saradhhaa pooree ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) kabehi n jhooree ||1||
    a(n)thar raam raae pragattae aae ||
    gur poorai dheeou ra(n)g laae ||1|| rehaao ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) sarab ko raajaa ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) poorae kaajaa ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) ra(n)g gulaal ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) sadhaa nihaal ||2||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) sadh dhhanava(n)thaa ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) sadh nibhara(n)thaa ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) sabh ra(n)g maanae ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) chookee kaanae ||3||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) sehaj ghar paaeiaa ||
    cheeth aavai thaa(n) su(n)n samaaeiaa ||
    cheeth aavai sadh keerathan karathaa ||
    man maaniaa naanak bhagava(n)thaa ||4||8||21||

    Bhairao, Fifth Mehl:
    When He comes to mind, then I am in supreme bliss.
    When He comes to mind, then all my pains are shattered.
    When He comes to mind, my hopes are fulfilled.
    When He comes to mind, I never feel sadness. ||1||
    Deep within my being, my Sovereign Lord King has revealed Himself to me.
    The Perfect Guru has inspired me to love Him. ||1||Pause||
    When He comes to mind, I am the king of all.
    When He comes to mind, all my affairs are completed.
    When He comes to mind, I am dyed in the deep crimson of His Love.
    When He comes to mind, I am ecstatic forever. ||2||
    When He comes to mind, I am wealthy forever.
    When He comes to mind, I am free of doubt forever.
    When He comes to mind, then I enjoy all pleasures.
    When He comes to mind, I am rid of fear. ||3||
    When He comes to mind, I find the home of peace and poise.
    When He comes to mind, I am absorbed in the Primal Void of God.
    When He comes to mind, I continually sing the Kirtan of His Praises.
    Nanak's mind is pleased and satisfied with the Lord God. ||4||8||21||

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