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What's The Right Forum For A New Thread


Oct 14, 2017

I'm very new to Sikhi. I'm reading the Japji Sahib in the mornings and the Kirtan Sohila in the nights. I read them in English although I mean to start learning some Punjabi soon. Well, I have my own interpretation of the texts but, of course, there are lots and lots of things that I have no idea how to interpret and for sure many things that I would interpret differently if I had more information. I'm sure that as I reflect on them, with time, I will interpret many things differently too.

I'd like to start a thread about the Japji Sahib to gradually share my questions about differents Pauris.

I'm not sure what would be the best forum to start this thread. Can any one give me a piece of advice on this?


Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
oh just post it wherever you feel comfortable, if it is in the wrong section, one of the mods will move it, stop worrying about these little things, they are little things, its the big things you need to worry about!

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