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Whats Needed Right Now?

Discussion in 'Sikh Youth' started by Anoop, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Anoop

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    Mar 13, 2006
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    Sat sti akhal everyone. In this world, there are those who use prayer, there are those who sing hyms, and there are those who chant the name of the lord. Whatever way it is, all of it is good, and no way is wrong. Now, please don't take me wrong if i explain this, but since this is a modern world, the world has become a safer place. I use to struggle alot in life, getting depressed. I use to think to much of everyone, and since i've retaken a year, i use to think to much that i wanted to compete against others and felt so guilty that i wasn't able to do anything...but now i realised a method...these days, i sense an inner hearing, the master vibration of waheguru, the light speaks to me. For me, it doesn't tell me to chant waheguru ji's name, but to look inside of myself first. I meditate sometimes, but not that long. I have realised, by meditating for a little while, all i have to do it to put effort into my things. Without having to compare with anyone's elses life or start to get confused in life, i see that everything is god, the one god, the one presence which is truth. I use to think that by thinking and praying to waheguru ji everytime, i had become dependant on waheguru ji.

    So I ask myself? Why do i always have to remember waheguru ji? What will it benefit me, if i keep relying on waheguru ji, and yet no answers come up.

    As soon as that struck me, i realsed, everything is waheguruji...Only god exists, and we are god, well extentions of god. All humans and everything there is ...is unique, and everyhing is himself/herself, you are very unique, your presence is one with god. So why rely on others? wAHEGURU JI IS INSIDE YOU, YOU DONT ALWAYS HAVE TO REMEMBER GOD, WELL FOR ME I DONT HAVE TO, BECAUSe i have leartn about waheguru ji, and i know that god is with me. I do thank god.

    This is a mesage for those who have no inspirtation and think they are lazy and get upset very quickly about not reaching what they can...simply..the message is, where ever you are heading in life, look into yourself rather then anything, and just use your heart (inner self) and mind together to make decisions in life...

    Dont get bored so easily, life requires effort (willpower)...god is one...and everything is one with waheguru ji's master vibration... everything is linked together, only god exists... Dont worry about god so much...you are WAHEGURUJI..you are made in waheguru ji''s image...

    Sometiems the only reasons why we alwys depend on waheguru ji is ebcause we feel lazy and loose hope. Of course faith is needed also, but for now, before faith, look into yourself, and make decisions with your mind and heart (inner self)... beause you can control yourself, and life requires a bit of effort for people who are lazy like me...thankyou

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  3. Hai_Bhi_Sach

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    Jan 18, 2007
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    Anoop ji,

    Please, forgive me for my ignorance. It may sound like a stupid question. Based on your experience:

    Is this light that speaks to you the same as

    That is quite an undertaking in such a short space of time. What are we doing wrong ?

    Has anyone verified the source of this light.

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