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Whatever Is Seen, IS YOUR FORM

Discussion in 'Tatt Gurmat Vichar' started by Sardara123, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    iqlµg Gru 2 mhlw 5 ]
    quDu ibnu dUjw nwhI koie ]
    qU krqwru krih so hoie ]
    qyrw joru qyrI min tyk ]
    sdw sdw jip nwnk eyk ]1]
    sB aUpir pwrbRhmu dwqwru ]
    qyrI tyk qyrw AwDwru ] rhwau ]
    hY qUhY qU hovnhwr ] Agm AgwiD aUc Awpwr ]
    jo quDu syvih iqn Bau duKu nwih ]
    gur prswid nwnk gux gwih ]2]
    jo dIsY so qyrw rUpu ] gux inDwn goivMd AnUp ]
    ismir ismir ismir jn soie ]
    nwnk krim prwpiq hoie ]3]
    ijin jipAw iqs kau bilhwr ]
    iqs kY sMig qrY sMswr ]
    khu nwnk pRB locw pUir ]
    sMq jnw kI bwCau DUir ]4]2]

    Tilang, Second House, Fifth Mehl:
    There is no other than You, Lord.
    You are the Creator; whatever You do, that alone happens.
    You are the strength, and You are the support of the mind.
    Forever and ever, meditate, O Nanak, on the One. ||1||
    The Great Giver is the Supreme Lord God over all.
    You are our support, You are our sustainer. ||Pause||
    You are, You are, and You shall ever be, O inaccessible, unfathomable, lofty and infinite Lord.
    Those who serve You, are not touched by fear or suffering.
    By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||2||
    Whatever is seen, is Your form, O treasure of virtue, O Lord of the Universe, O Lord of incomparable beauty.
    Remembering, remembering, remembering the Lord in meditation, His humble servant becomes like Him.
    O Nanak, by His Grace, we obtain Him. ||3||
    I am a sacrifice to those who meditate on the Lord.
    Associating with them, the whole world is saved.
    Says Nanak, God fulfills our hopes and aspirations.
    I long for the dust of the feet of the Saints. ||4||2||
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