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What Should Children Learn In Development Of Their Spirituality?

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by Aman Singh, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Humans are physical, intellectual, social and spiritual beings. I think most people can (at least partially) agree with that. So we educate our children physical (sports), intellectual (school) and social (family, sports and school). But what about spiritual?

    Perhaps my vision is rather limited and do I only see my own society around me. But to my experience the spiritual education of our children is next to nothing. Off course many children are born and raised in religious families but increasingly many young parents of today are non religious themselves.

    And even if our children are born and raised in a religious family, what do we teach our children in the spiritual domain? Of course every religion has a set of rules to follow and children that are brought up relious follow those rules (as interpreted by their parents). But what has that to do with spirituality?

    One of the problems is;

    • Who should educate our children spiritual? The parents, religious instutions, school?

    The bigger problem or question though is:

    • What should children learn in devolopment of their spirituality?

    I mean there is generally consensus on what children should learn for their physical development. Children learn how to walk en use their hands. Sports is a great way to further develop physically. Most countries have even set up a nation wide health care system to control all this. There is also generally consesus on intellectual development. You learn to read, write and some science. Most nations have set up a school system for that. For our children's social development we have numerous (unwritten & written) rules for each and ever occasion. We have set up judicial systems to control all this and a penitentiary system to correct wrong (or anti-) social behaviour.

    When you bring up children in a religious environment you 'educate' them about the rules of 'their' religion. And with some 'luck' they also get some clue about their inherent spirituality. But looking at the diffenence between religions you cannot say that there is consensus between them. An increasing number of people are not religious anymore. Their children will not even get a clue. So my question is:

    • Why isn't there a consensual program to develop spirituality?

    I mean if humans are inherent spiritual then there should be ways to develop that in our children apart from religion (so without the nonconsensual religious differences or bias). A related question would be:

    • Do you need to believe in (a) God or a religion in order to develop spiritually?

    For me personally? I've been born and raised a Roman Catholic. I know the rules, I've read the bible, I went to church but call me dumb I had no clue about spirituality. I lost 'interest' 20 years ago. I've become Sikh half a year ago at the age of 54 and although I still have no clue I think I can say I've 'experienced' more spirituality in the last half year then in the rest of my life.
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  3. Lee

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    May 17, 2005
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    Ahh I seem to reconise this as the same post by our Theodorus Ji on umm another Sikh forum.

    It all depends what is meant by spirtuality I guess. To my mind when we say spirtuality it means anything pertianing to God. So can an Atheist be a spirtual person? By my definition it seems clearly not.

    So then what is meant by teach children spirtuality? To teach them about God? well they get that(at least here in the UK) in their RE classes at school.

    So in addition to this where they learn about the major world religoins (Sikhi includedBTW) should we teach them to follow the same faith as our selves?

    I belive not.

    I think this may be an unpopular idea(let me know what you think), but there really are no Sikh children, nor Christian nor Muslim. They may of course be children of Sikhs, or Christians or Muslims, but how can you claim any religion as your own when you have not freely made up your own mind about it, when instead you have been indoctrinated?

    As I say this may prove to be an unpopular idea, but think of it this way, how many 'religious' children of all kinds eventualy rebel against the faith of their parents.
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