Islam What Is The Wisdom From This Manner?


What is the wisdom of cattle slaughtered in the Islamic manner?

This great article about what commanded by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, and what is newly revealed science.

We all know that the Holy Prophet by the prayers of God and peace was slaughtered cattle such as cows, goats, camels and sheep, in a specific way is that it does not cut the animal's head in full, but leave part is pending, and wait until he has finished this animal all his blood and then be ready for cooking and eating.

We wondered if the mystery of this method, we find the answers reflected a clear research revealed in modern medicine. Has been shown that the animal was slaughtered in this way be free of bacteria and microbes, and be safer to eat. Scientists assert today that the animal when separated his head from his body fully and suddenly, this process does not allow only limited to the amount of blood outside the body out, and keep the amount of blood inside.

But what is the damage this blood? The scientists found Pachtbarathm that blood is the best environment for the growth of germs, and when this blood is present in the body of the animal was slaughtered, it leads to the accumulation of bacteria and their reproduction is not be removed even after cooking, because the heat of the fire used for cooking may not enter all the molecules of cooked meat, may still remain a part of it raw and here lies the danger. Therefore, Islam has addressed any possibility of exposure to these germs.

Some atheists have objected to the way Muslims slaughter animals in that they are causing in the torture of these animals and leave them in pain, and it must be separated by a full head from the body of the animal. But the scientific fact that the pain when the animal was slaughtered not continue for more than a few seconds, because all the organs of the body are engaged in supplying the brain with blood.

Nerves containing blood receive commands from the brain by providing it with blood due to lack of blood when slaughtering the animal, and start the body's muscles spasm and reactions through which blood flows through the blood vessels towards the heart, and then draw the heart of this blood into the brain, but it will emerge out of the body of the animal because it is slaughtered .

This process lead to the withdrawal of large amounts of blood, and without a little pain. This means that Islam is merciful even animals! But perhaps the most beautiful thing I read recently that the animal when slaughtered and said: In the name of God and God is great, it is also completely free of any germs!!!

God and that Islam is keen on us and on our health, is keen we are on this great religion? God says the prophet peace be upon him: ((128) There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you and to the believers is kind and merciful.) [Sura of Repentance].


These facts about your chance of food poisoning being less likely with halal is not any reason to justify it's use.
Much more suffering and pain is inflicted with halal in my opinion.

What is the real purpose for the prayer used whilst slicing ?
Is it about asking for forgiveness due to an innocent life being taken or is it a prayer to thank god for the meal in hand ??

Harry Haller

Panga Master
We shouldn't eat anything halal should we ?
OR maybe because you know that KFC is unlikely to be real halal !!

I would wager the 'halal' meat marketed to the masses is nothing of the sort. It is unlikely to be prepared in the manner as stated above.


In Australia, this is how a lot of commercial chicken is slaughtered (I emailed the halal endorsing agency a couple years ago to find out). They have accredited one of the largest chicken suppliers to KFC in Australia:

Thank you for query of AFIC method of slaughtering chicken. 99% chicken in Australia are slaughtered by Machine. Halal accredited chicken slaughter houses appoint Muslim slaughter men to operate the machine by reciting Tasmiah. AFIC has strict condition for machine slaughtered chicken to be considered as halal these conditions and requirements are as follow:
Slaughtering Requirements & Procedures


þ The slaughter-man should be a Muslim approved by AFIC
þ There should be intention ofTasmiyah (Bismillah)before slaughtering.
þ Recitation of Tasmiyah(only with the name of Allah, not having any other name) should be done for each bird.
þ In the act of slaughter, the trachea, esophagus and major blood vessels in the neck region (jugular and carotid) of the bird must be severed leaving the spinal cord intact.

þ The entire Halal slaughtering operation will be carried out in the presence of Muslim slaughter-men/supervisor
þ Recitation of Tasmiyah (Bismillah) at the time of slaughtering should be done without long time gap between theTasmiyah (Bismillah)and the action of slaughtering.
þ At least Two (2) to four (4) Muslim (the AFIC nominated) slaughter men to be appointed depending on the establishment and volume of production, one of them being a supervisor and a backup at all times by taking turns. (For detail, please refer to Halal agreement, p 4).

A Halal Quality Assurance Officer nominated by AFIC is to be appointed to ensure an ongoing overall Halal status of the accredited plants and products is maintained on a daily basis during the period of Halal accreditation.

Duties & Responsibility of Muslim Slaughter-man 1:

þ Bless each bird by touching while invoking Tasmiyah i.e., “Bismillah” meaning “In the name of Allah”
þ Must rotate the act of blessing in turn with either Slaughter-Man 2 or 3 at least every 10-15 minutes interval
þ Must not leave the slaughtering operation without appointing a back-up to carry out the task in case of emergency

Slaughter-man 2:

þ Act as backup slaughter-man for bird(s) missed from Mechanical knife during entire operation
þ Recite Tasmiyah i.e., “Bismillahi Allahuakbar” during hand slaughtering of a missing bird using a sharp knife
þ Must not leave the slaughtering operation without appointing a back-up to carry out the task in case of emergency

Slaughter-man 3:

Act as online Halal Slaughtering Supervisor and a back-up for Person 1 or 2 as and when required
þ Switch on/off electrical connection to the stunner immediately prior to or at the cease of the operation and/or breakdown
þ Adjust the height of the stunner and to ensure that the birds are not drowned in water during even momentary cease of operation or due to mechanical breakdown – should target the number of birds to die in the stunner to be “ZERO”
þ Adjust the birds in the hanger
þ Sharpen hand knife every 5-10 minutes interval or as required
þ Check reversibility of birds being stunned approximately every 5-10 minutes interval
þ Adjust the height of the mechanical knife according to the size of the birds being hanged.
þ Keep the place clean and hygienic
þ Must stop the operation in case of emergency (eg., to many birds are missing the blade or not properly slaughtered etc) and contact Halal Quality Assurance Officer or Production Manager immediately.

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@Onam ji

Sooooo true. I am a vegetarian because I can't stand the idea of animal suffering and I taste a slaughtered/suffering/sacrificed animal when I go near meat. But I want to move toward veganism since a year and a half ago and haven't yet done that. I let myself shut it out when I eat eggs or foods & recipes with eggs, milk, cheese, butter or Red 40 (squashed beetles make a red juice that colors ketchup, jelly, etc).

Didn't Cleveland Armory start an animal welfare org? I have to look that up.

Hold on a sec. :)

Was it NEAVS? (

I'm going to blog on the Cleveland Armory quote. Praise the One!

Nam Jiwan :)

"Man has an infinite capacity to rationalize his rapacity, especially when it comes to something he wants to eat." -Cleveland Amory
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@Lucky ji

I agree The annual Eid Sacrifice literally puts me in a state where I feel I will have a breakdown. I think of all the animals who will die because Muslims believe it is the equivalent of what Abraham, pbuh, did with his son and the ram.

I will never sacrifice an animal or slaughter one. Of course, its so easy for us to block out that the bread we eat could contain eggs and dairy from factory farms.

In halal slaughter, I am concerned the animal only "appears" not to suffer since its jugular vein and some main nerves have been cut in two.

Nam Jiwan

These facts about your chance of food poisoning being less likely with halal is not any reason to justify it's use.
Much more suffering and pain is inflicted with halal in my opinion.

What is the real purpose for the prayer used whilst slicing ?
Is it about asking for forgiveness due to an innocent life being taken or is it a prayer to thank god for the meal in hand ??
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Ishna ji

I haven't seen it all spelled out like this. Its something I have to read in a certain frame of mind or my heart breaks (as if that should stop should motivate me toward more compassion and action to protect animals and all forms of life).

Thanks for sharing it here though.

Nam Jiwan kaurhug



The issue here
Clarification and explanation of all people

Exact Match
Between Islamic Sharia law in all fields
And between science and medical discoveries
To preserve human life

This is God's mercy

Meat slaughtered by Islamic way remains fresh for a longer time due to deficiency of blood in the meat as compared to other methods of slaughtering.

Animal does not feel pain

The swift cutting of vessels of the neck disconnects the flow of blood to the nerve of the brain responsible for pain. Thus the animal does not feel pain. While dying, the animal appears to struggle, writhe, shake and kick, not due to pain, but due to the contraction and relaxation of the muscles deficient in blood and due to the flow of blood out of the body.

---As well as prayer

Besides it is one of the five pillars of Islam

Muslims by our Lord, Bukhari 4: Volume: 9, Book Number: 93, Hadith Number: 608 ..... us relax, O Bilal, with prayer,"

,,See to the other side

In the scientific study of new scientists in the United States of America to fulfill the obligation of prayer in Islam is considered a useful way to ease the pain of the joints and back, as contained in the standing and bowing and prostration.

"Says Dr. Francis J." Supervisor of the research team, the team noted that people who are able to control and reduce their pain by religion and faith have less joint pain and be more stable in their psychological state, and throwing the highest support from the community.

Some researchers have found that praying for patients can contribute to alleviate the illness, he had a doctors, a San Francisco Randolph Byrd prayer request for two hundred heart patients, and found an improvement in their condition than those who left without a prayer. He has another researcher, William S. Harris had the same experience on a thousand heart patients, and observed that patients who called them friends even better recovery than those who left without a prayer.

In a study conducted in 1988 by the world Randolph Byrd study showed unexpected surprises, where the doctor found that the American supplication and prayer for cardiac patients lead to an improvement in their psychological state and health.

All the rules in Islam

Imposed or prohibited
The foundation

Thank you

Onam Ji

Thank you My Dear brother

I am at your service for any question


I may be getting you confused with Auzer, but I thought you were medically qualified.

Well, if I got you wrong, then let me explain that the 'no pain theory' is very weak.
That is not how the sensory nerve or neuron perception works.
Pain is and will be felt, even the 'desensetising' or numbness that others may talk about is not that powerful to overide those moments of prolonged and excruciating pain.

I have explained this in a little more detail in another post about halal and haram but I can't recall what thread it was.


Though this is a very debated topic and i would say a very controversial topic to discuss, i would only say that regardless of what the other religions have to say about the two variations "Jhatka" and "Halaal" ,eating meat is strictly prohibited in Sikhism. In the Rehat mariyada or the Code of Conduct book of the Sikhs(By this I mean the actual Rehat Mariyada, not the one that has been tailored to according to our requirements) it is mentioned not to eat meat, however its always refered to as not eating Halal.
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@Lucky ji

I hope we can locate it. As an animal welfare activist (which is basically following in the footsteps of Muhammad pbuh), I would lie to learn all I can about this. Do you remember which section you discussed it in? Would you be willing to repost something on it?

Psalm 8

O Lord our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth.

O Lord, our Lord,
how glorious is you name over all the earth!
You have exalted your majesty above the heavens.

O Lord our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth When I behold your heavens, the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars which you set in place -
What is man that you should be mindful of him
or the son of man that you should care for him?

O Lord our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth.
You have given him rule over the works of your hands,
putting all things under his feet:
All sheep and oxen
yes, and the beasts of the field.

O Lord our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth.
The birds of the air, the fishes of the sea,
and whatever swims the paths of the seas.

O Lord our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth.

I pray that humanity will learn to treat animals as souls who praise the Divine, no different than human beings. Even a fish has its way of praising God. The Prophet also advised believers not to eat too much meat because it turns the stomach into a grave yard.

Here are a bunch of hadith I came across. I will seek the sources at another time, God willing.

“Do not allow your stomachs to become graveyards!”

“A good deed done to an animal is as meritorious as a good deed done to a human being, while an act of cruelty to an animal is as bad as an act of cruelty to a human being.”

“All creatures are like a family (Ayal) of God: and He loves the most those who are the most beneficent to His family.”

“He who takes pity {even} on a sparrow and spares its life, Allah will be merciful on him on the Day of Judgment.”

“Allah will not give mercy to anyone, except those who give mercy to other creatures.

Where there is an abundance of vegetables, a host of angels will descend on that place.”

Nam Jiwan :)
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I want to also share my views on the topic of meat eating out of necessity. Sometimes it is necessary in certain cultures to use the meat of an animal for food. Parts of the world are not conducive to agricultural farming because they have no access to water, etc..

But I believe we have entered a time (and it will be solidified around 12/12/12) where the compassionate people will rule the earth. One thing they will accomplish is alternatives to meat consumption. Even if it means bringing irrigation into desert areas, etc..

Nam Jiwan :)