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What Is The Sikh Attitude To Euthanasia/Mercy Killiing?

Do You Think Euthanasia/Mercy Killing Should be Legalised?

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Aug 14, 2008
Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
findingmyway ji

You are, of course, right about that distinction; which should also help Bmandur to make (his/her?) decision about that person in the comma.

I live in Oregon, home to "Dr. Death", and we've had many, many long drawn out arguments about this subject; and, in fact, my Catholic Doctor is all for "Death with Dignity" (he's going to get himself EXCOMMUNICATED for that one - as well as his pro-medicinal cannabis POV's!) as we call it - as that sounds so much nicer than 'murder' or 'euthenasia'. Goodness knows, with the jewish branch of my family having been wiped out in the Holocaust, and my own Chronic Pain/Partial Paralysis (just my right arm, so far) causing Neuropathy - I HATE the word, "Euthenasia"!!!

Still, as a Very Compassionate Person who believes in the 'hereafter' - do you really think it wrong of me to have wanted to see my moms suffering ended a few weeks earlier than it otherwise was?

Death is Death! Does it REALLY matter that she was forced to suffer so much longer than she should have had to?

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