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What Is The Meaning Of These Phrases?

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Bro Vouthon Ji..

You continue to impress me ...by improving my knowledge of the Church and the Bible...much appreciated. We have so much in common..yet many continue to build walls instead of bridges..i think walls is a sign of self insecurity/inferiority complex...bridge builders show confidence ...TRUTH is UNIVERSAL...not confined to little boxes we so much love to imagine...Thank You Ji.
Feb 23, 2012
United Kingdom
Here is a Catholic mystic's "take" on this phrase - he imagines himself as a "flower" crushed under wandering feet, to emphasise his utter humility and dependence upon and devotion to his Beloved Lord. It begins with him describing what God is to him and in the second pararaph what he wishes to become to God:

"...As the bridegroom to his chosen, as the king unto his realm,
As the keeper to the castle, as the pilot to the helm.
As the captain to his soldiers, as the shepherd to his lambs,
So, Lord, art thou to me.
As the fountain in the garden, as the candle in the dark,
As the treasure in the coffer, as the manna in the ark,
As the firelight in the winter, As the sunlight in the spring
So Lord art thou to me.
As the music at the banquet, as the stamp unto the seal,
As refreshment to the fainting, as the wine-cup at the meal,
As the singing on the feast day, as the amen to the prayer,
So Lord art thou to me.
As the ruby in the setting, as the honey in the comb
As the light within the lantern, as the father in the home,
As the eagle in the mountains, as the sparrow in the nest,
So Lord art thou to me.
As the sunshine in the heavens, as the image in the glass,
As the fruit unto the fig tree, as the dew unto the grass,
As the rainbow on the hilltop, as the river in the plain,
So Lord art thou to me.

As the lily of the valley,
White and pure and sweet,

As the lowly violet trodden
Under wandering feet;
As the rose amidst the briars
Fresh and fair is found,
Heedless of the tangled thicket,
And the thorns around—
As the sun-flower ever turning
To the mighty sun,
With the faithfulness of fealty
Following only one—
So make me, Lord, to Thee..."

- Johannes Tauler (c.1300-1361), Catholic mystic & Dominican priest
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