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What Is The Main Factor To Choose Your Gurudwara?


Dec 12, 2011
Sat Sli Akal,

Thank you for your attentions,

I'm Japanese postgraduate student who studies about the lives among Sikh migrants in England.
I'm now doing a few interviews with the Sikh in Japan. And I'm going to go to Birmingham this summer to study for 1 year.

My question is: Why did you choose your Gurudwara?
In Japan, because of the lack of Gurudwara(Only two or three Gurudwara in Japan), people have no choice to decide which Gurudwara they go.

However, when you have a few Gurudwara to choose in your neighbor, what makes you decide to choose one of them? What is the most important factor for the Sikhs when you choose your Gurudwara?

Just the distance from your house?
The members who are belong to the Gurudwara?
Or the other traits?
(which have the same hometown member, or the same caste, or the other factors...etc and I do know that originally Sikhism abolishes the caste system customs.)

I'd like you to answer that question by not only your faith , but also by your actual experience because I really want to know the real lives...

Thank you for your support.

Satoko, Japan

P.S. I'm sorry but I'm not Sikh but I'm into Sintoism, but I' really love your faith and your hardworking ideal.

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

Konnichiha brother, I hope you make some contribution so we can all learn about Sintoism.

I personally do not go to Gurdwara on a regular basis, most are places of social gathering now, and have bowed down to 'what the people want'. However I would like to describe my ideal Gurdwara.

It would be a simple building, mostly painted white internally, no pictures, with maybe a library of Sikh related material, there would be a donation office, where one could make donations, without the need to do so in front of the sangat, the food would be tasty but simple. There would be a notice board carrying requests, and offers, say, someone needed a lift to the airport, or someone had a TV they did not want anymore, they could put a note here, maybe a list of local social projects that people could get involved in, or if someone was ill and in hospital, or even prison, a name and address that Sangat could write to, maybe to cheer up, offer support. The Gyani would be a person for all seasons, learned, open minded, independent, friendly, material requests would be refused for Ardass, when speakers spoke, they would invoke participation from the Sangat, rather than speaking like wise owls full of self importance, there would be no bored faces, no gossiping and talking, everyone would look happy to be there, to learn, to share, people would be dressed smartly but simply, the car park would be full of old Range Rovers, not shiny new BMW's, inspirational speakers would be invited to give discourse and debate, it would be open 24 hours, it would be the centre of Sikh life in the community, cultural and educational trips would be made, the Gyani would also be a trained counsellor, able to give advice and direction from a Sikhi perspective,

lots of thoughts, hope they make sense :)
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