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Islam What Is Difference Between Sikhism And Islam - Dr. Zakir Naik

Jul 18, 2007
Please watch the below video clip which is a response from Dr Zakir Naik regards to a direct question of what he finds similar/difference between Islam and Sikhi.


I have heard many talks before by Dr Zakir Naik and listen with great interest and agree and disagree on certain explanations etc. It seems this response was a bit of a round about way of misdirecting the direct question by concentrating on "other" parts of the faith and justifying Islam purely because Guru Nanak did not mention that Prophet Mohammed was the "last prophet".

In my view Sikhi is not an amalgamation of Islam and Hinduism. It was a fresh view, a view that cleared up the messes left with the previous mainstream religions as they had veered off the road a very long time ago. I agree also Sikhi has had the same fate in the mainstream now but that is no way to make a comparison as the teaching will remain the same regardless of what the "disciples" do.

Sikhi emphasise's self reflection and conscious change NOW to make a mass change in the psyche of humanity. Which is beyond prophecies or bold statements that there is only one last messenger.

What are your views?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
I usually end up deleting videos featuring Nalik because his rhetoric is inflammatory and stands to convert/revert others to Islam. His speeches meet our definition of proselytizing which is a violation of our TOS.

Will let this go for now. I however believe he is a negative influence on Sikh youth who often do not have the depth of study to recognize that he is cunning and takes advantage of their natural idealism.


Mar 13, 2013
He is good at twisting things and glorifying Islam and his religion by hook or by crook.
In one of the videos he coverts a SIKH to muslim faith by just telling him that after death you can be brought back to life as because muslims dont burn the bodies after a person dies but buries them so that at the day of judgement all will be brought back to life according to thier faiths.
Pity him instead of making people better Humans he is just converting them and pity the person who just changed his faith for the sake of kheer which he described as being delicious on the occasion of Eid and that his bones will be intact if he buried so as he is brought back to life after death according to muslim faith.


Jan 22, 2005
In God’s infinite creation, there is no such thing as the last prophet, the last religion or the last invention. Though there are already 35 'mard ka cheyla' sitting in SGGS, still gurbani says ‘hor bhi uthsi mard ka cheyla – as and when population increases there will be more and more mard who will have the guts to speak the truth and in conjunction with this, Gurbani says, 'ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਮੇਰਾ ਨੀਤ ਨਵਾ ਸਦਾ ਸਦਾ ਦਾਤਾਰੁ ॥੧ - so are the comforts and facilities invented by humans to cope up and it will keep on inventing to convert the globe into a small village. Gurbani teaches that the Truth of Religion is ab initio embedded in the heart of man and that its ultimate validity is to be discerned in human experience itself, and not in anything extraneous, though Sikhism admits that there have been, and shall be, extraordinarily gifted persons in whom the Truth of Religion, potential of invention has assumed unusual vividness and thus their revelations and teachings are of immense help to mankind, such as the ten Sikh Prophets, the Gurus.

It sounds strange some one claiming himself that he is the prophet and some even said that they are the last one. Greatness would have been in the fact that the others claim them to be the true prophet of God. Guru Nanak sahib always loved calling himself as a SLAVE (one who have no right of his own) of GOD. This is the height of humility and greatness of Nanak sahib that except himself every others accept him as True messenger of GOD (He always have referred himself as NANAK DASS). Gurmat admit katai sidh peert sur nath kai millions of paighambers and realized souls comes and goes. Gurmat does not accept and one can save himself by following certain paigmbar.

Whereas Islam has restricted themselves with 99 beautiful names of God, gurmat calls for infinite names and further says, 'tvai sarb naam kathai kavan karam naam barnat sumat.

best regards
sahni mohinder
Oct 18, 2012
their concept of god is in limited form, what actually they thought is god is actually the universal mind from the point of sikhism.. actually it was the dismantle of the ego or haumai but what they thought was the end of the world a wrong conception thru meditation.. they fall into the trap of maya play, and started worshipping the ultimate reality of maya.. if you look closely to quran, you will see the revealations are brought down by the sound of bell.. actually sound of bell from sikhism point of view is still the maya, the universal mind, it is not above the mind.. sikhism will take you towards sargun the manifested one, then finally mukti towards nirgun, the unmanifested one.. their understanding is god manifested in arabic language.. but sikhism rejects this because god manifested in melodies or shabd forms.. this are living NAAMS, alive ones.. please do not compare sikhism to islam.. sikhism is a mystic religion the end product is god realisation.. islamic mysticism is mention in sufism, which they themself rejects it.. guru nanak did not mention that he is the last prophet,, because from sikhism point of view this type of statements has a meaning of pride by inflating the ego..guru nanak did mention many times that those who practices humility, will be respected in the court of the lord, and those with pride will die many times. this pride ones usually will become the slaves of the mind not the god.. falsehood will become truth here, and they will fall in the traps of maya kaal.. they will start worshipping the wrong ultimate reality..the main agenda of this false ultimate reality is to preserve your ego,it will impart a very wrong teachings that will take you not on how to dismantle your haumai ego, but to preserve the ego, and finally you will become a slave of maya, wondering life after life in maya without attaining mukti.. carefull with MAYA KAAL, it s very bewitching


Jan 26, 2011
Simply offer some truth then lie to glory is, another form of fallacy.
Theirs is the gospel truth. Other's, heretic.
They are one and many in every society.
The weak minded turn into cattle, the strong shake their head in disbelieve, not for the words that come out of the fallacious mouths, but at the cattle going in to the slaughter house.



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