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What Does Sikhism Mean For You?

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

I have come to the conclusion that certainly in the early stages of finding the link to the almighty through sikhi, everyone has an individual approach, and everyone has individual needs that they will try and have fulfilled. Logically, the early stages must be an extremely personal road, as we are all different.

I have been reconciling this thought with what I know, in that the ultimate message from the SGGS ji, must be the same for everyone, however that road will be different for all of us. To the ones that are at the end of the road, and are approaching sachkhand, I salute you, if there is something I have noticed about 'enlightened sikhs', ie those that can see 'welcome to sachkhand' in the distance, they do not say very much, they do not argue or try and drag you on their road, they are aware that the road is highly personal. They instead, try and help you on your own road.

I had another long conversation with my wife yesterday about god, although she dislikes using the name god, I have ascertained that my wife does believe in something, that she calls a force, she believes that sikhism has a moral code and standards that she fully accepts, and although she does not accept that at this stage, any physical change in appearance is going to help, she does accept that when you have submitted to the creator, you would just want to emulate the appearance as set out, without fuss or worry. Her view of god is extremely star wars like, a force, that can be used for good and bad, depending on the user. We talked about the martyrs the heroes of sikhi, and how I felt that they died for more than what car we should drive, or how many aloo pronthas I could stuff down my throat, my wife being welsh, could relate to her pagan celtic background, which is very nature based, and which fits in with sikhi thinking about the creator being everywhere and in everything.

So, we are all on our own road to a central meeting point, whereupon the road is straight to sachkhand and full of people of every colour, background, but with a common thinking.

I think on that individual road, for me, my requirements are as follows

1. I like the idea of a force, and that sits and explains well with the multitude of Babas and Sants, who are clearly a sort of darth vader, using their power for themselves
2. The hardest thing for me to accept is that when you do good things, and something bad happens to you, you question why, I require help in unconditional love, I feel I can be helped by being loved unconditionally by the force, or failing that , become wise to the point where I not require any 'top up' of love
3. Assistance in dealing with my lust for aloo prontha, which of course is my phrase for everything that sings out to me, I want to enjoy my aloo prontha in a calm and dignified manner, not be a slave to it
4. To see maya for what it is, temporary pleasures that are dwarfed from the pleasure of being at one with the force
5. Not to judge or indeed not to do anything that makes other people feel small, rather encourage other people to feel big.

and I think that is it!

I would be interested to see what others require from sikhi, and whether those needs are met, or is there a part that is left wanting, also, what is it, individually that we require, that we need, from this force, the creator, the eternal truth


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
imho Harry Haller ji

When you say,
1. I like the idea of a force, and that sits and explains well with the multitude of Babas and Sants, who are clearly a sort of darth vader, using their power for themselves
I do not think the babas and sants are channeling anything like an almighty force which they use for themselves. They are channeling pure ego. Which in the eyes of those who have little faith in their own ability to make contact with "a force" is magnetic. Babas (of the derawale kind) are masters of manipulation and they have been students of human nature for years. It would be interesting to have a few biographical studies to work with. I think we would find that the "darth vadar" qualities are very much of the Darth Vadar sort. Intellect and rationality unfettered by the heart's capacity to tolerate its own vulnerability and from that, empathy. All that pure mind force needs to be slopped up a bit with heart force to get a real human being.

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

let me explain how i came to my conclusion, I believe, possibly wrongly, that the more you embrace Gurbani, the more you know yourself, and then by default other people, this presents itself in increased perception, and also the ability to make things happen. When I say make things happen, I mean, say, in a violent situation, a Gurmukh will have the knowledge and perception of people to make the best call to defuse the situation so it ends up in a hug, and aloo prontha all round, whereas a manmukh will look at it completely differently, and may well end up making the situation worse, with aloo prontha all over his face.

The darth vaders of the world know about the teachings and the spiritual enlightenment but use this, together with a massive ego which has been built up over the years possibly through no fault of their own,( ie, if you are surrounded by stupid people who constantly tell you how wonderful you are, you will start believing them!), for their own ends rather than the ends of the sangat.

Actually I would go one step further, I do not believe any baba started off wanting to be a baba, I think they started of with fairly pure intentions, realised the massive power of Gurbani, and allowed their ego to be stroked until, like vader, they were out of control, and then like vader, dressed in black and adopted a scary voice.

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