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What Are The Limitation Of Formal Logic?

Jun 1, 2004
do you think formal logic can prove any notion to be true of falce? or establish a right/wrong for any given argument. Like if we were having an argument about what is the smallest prime number.. of course logic will give us a definitive answer. But what about if we are argueing about weather or not abourtion is wrong? Can logic establish a right or wrong for us in this, and other more complex arguments?


Aug 19, 2004
no such thing as formal logic

ok i m not a person who can brag about holding degrees in the language english , but i can surely assure u my thoughts about the word LOGIC are pretty clear...
according to me LOGIC = " a reason that is prooved in an universal manner and accepted by everyone " . it is the measure of the intellect of a race of how clear is the logic behind things.From the arguement i see in this thread it is a desperate attempt to justify FAITH and BELIEF and it being accepted without questioning it coz somehow it is claimed that things like those canot be decided with logic. well of course u can my friends, if u come to think about it why would anyone start anything ? example : a bank , constitution , factory , shop , business etc. everyone would have logic behind it. RELIGION is no diferent , people who formed religions also had logics behing it which with time got dilluded and falsely interpretted by the latter leaders of it.
I would like to finish this with saying this "everything has a logic" and a quote which is almost self-made.
" RELIGION IS MUCH SIMILAR TO CONSTITUTION " <-- like the legals and illegals or the morals and immorals there are sins and holy deeds..

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