What Ails Punjab : Arrongance : An Opinion

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Dec 8, 2005
Dear Brothers/sisters


Our country is marching in all fields

music etc etc

This is in contrast with the
some times Punjab news I watch.

I feel sad hearing news eminating from our beloved Punjab of rape , people chopping of limbs because of there caste , girls being paraded naked , murder of parents for money etc.

(( I am not sure if it is being done to shown us and our society in poor light :confused: .
We also have our own share of competitors who want to malign us.
Also any society has a mixture of people especially when it grows big.
I am sure that that for Sikhs to become a vibrant civilization we will produce our own share of devils )).

The above bad news sounds like emnaiting from some Islamic society. The medievieal concept of honour and the gashtly punishment being meted out to its citizens.

I am sure our ancient Punjab must be crying seeing the wounds being inflicted on its body.

I went to my brother this week . I saw a lust in his eyes for money which belonged to my mother after a property sale. He also was blaming her for all his own shortcoming in education ,( Does he represent an average todays Punjab lad I wonder ).

I had to tell him story of Punjabi boys who had gone to far of places like Canada with Rs 05.
Today they are respectable, wise ,knowledgeable, rich and progressive citizens of the distant land.

I also some time wonder if all the good Sikhs have left for abroad and are we straddled with a weak left over lot in Punjab .:confused:

But I do feel that two things are glaring.

If these are rectified then the left over Sikh lads and gals can rebuild Punjab civilization to its old destined glory of knowledge ,wisdom ,courage and bubbling with life.

1 ) Punjab money is coming of the hard working boys outside:- No local wealth generation is occuring. Let us vow to live of the money made by our own hard work as told by our Gurus .They can however help us in teaching how to become a self sufficent society.

2 ) Arrogance ( especially of caste variant): It is reflected in there songs and new slogans such as " Singh is a king ".
A sikh word means a learner. Why will any one teach you any thing if you are not humble. If you keep on rubbing in that you are a King . He will let you live in your fool paradise which I alluded to earlier.

Today our country is producing elite private companies like Infosys which is making " Banglore into an international aerospace hub " ( see todays rediffmail .com news ) etc. I wonder where is the sulking engineer Punjabi.

Cars , scooters are being made by pvt company in the nation. Shortly Satellite and Space ships will also be manufactured by pvt company.

We in Punjab are still in the cycle and hand tool age. How are we then King of today ?. (Please dont qoute history it sounds very boorish.)

I think we must stop being arrogant and go into a true Sikhie mode of being a learner by humility.

Lets us leave arrogance for the first Einstein , Newton we produce in Punjab.

Till then let us introspect be humble and hard working intelligent citizen of Punjab .

If we have inherited the mantle of Punjab civilization guardian. Then please remember no post is with out its accompayning responsibility.

Let us also get rid the of Islamic influence on our religion and the bad eyes of our jealous competitor. ( which is unfortunately in built due to the period and place where our religion was born ). Let us pick up only the good point of any religion and person (being a young learning religion .) Let us not do the same errors of Islam . Let us learn from there failings.

I at end am Sorry for being always an mirror of the worst amongst us .

Bhul chuk maf

I am sure there is also a very brighter part to our story. I shall leave it to some other sevadar to write about it .

Let us bring Punjab to its glory so that it stands tall in the world. (Remember many forces will not allow this . It will test our mettle and the steel like resolve to move ahead).



hps62:) :D :cool:
Dec 8, 2005
Sorry for an appendix.

If some one makes you feel so proud about your caste . He is taking you for a ride .

If you chop of some ones legs and hands. I can promise you

He will come back tomorrow with a new set of religion to fight your oppression .

Please remember our basic philosophy is of

" sarbat da bhalla "

Learn the art of introspection.



Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Its very true that Pun jab has benefitted from "Diaspora Money"...not just recently but as long ago as i can remember. Those Sikhs who came out in the early 1870's onwards were also sending back money to PUNJAB....it was this cash INFLOW that led to Punjabis buying tractors and all that modern machinery that brought about the Green Revolution. On top of that the ones that remained behind, got to use the migrants' lands for free.

What i have noticed is that the Punjabis that remained in Punjab..are loath to give back or even pay the rent for the lands of their relatives that they have used all this while as their own.. Practically every Diaspora Sikh has some story of how his brother, chacha, taiya etc has grabbed his land..and he finds it dangerous to go back to the village even as he fears he will be killed for the Zameen !! Many have been so murdered....as recently as last Oct a rich family from Kuala Lumpur was murdered by their relatives back in Gurdaspur Dist for their land..the family had returned to sell their land..but the brothers occupying it had other ideas..

In contrast i have many Chinese friends..whose ancestors came from China to Malaysia to earn a living...and to their astonishment they found that their "ancestral homes" and Lands, were "guarded and taken care of by the entire village panchayat".....and returned to them even when they went back after aperiod of 70 - 80 years or even more. NO question at all of the "relatices" grabbing it for their own use or murdering them when they ask for it back..all "diaspora land" is COMMON to the Village..and returned honourably without question once the rightful owner comes back..not so in Punjab. The Mann picture Asa nu mann wattana daa also tackled this same story...of how the DESI relatives cheated and plotted to steal all the diaspora relatives money and land through corrupt aptvarees and land officials etc

The Modern Punjabi is too GREEDY...look at all the Dowry Related Deaths and MURDERS...all the "running after agents to escape to diaspora countries even as ILLEGALS...thousands rotting in foreign jails..no ETHICS at all....its all MONEY MONEY MONEY..

Jarnail Singh

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