Wedding Between Sikh And Christian

Discussion in 'Sikh Youth' started by sem nome, Oct 9, 2008.

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    @Harkiran Kaur

    Apologies for going off topic somewhat, but I am looking for some clarifications.

    Going through this thread, I noticed you said “God took birth as Jesus and we obviously believe God dies not take birth”.

    [a] I believe you meant Jesus was God’s Son (even allowing for the Holy Trinity concept), so God himself did not take birth. Or am I wrong in this thought?

    I believe it was a “typo” when you said “God dies not take birth”, meaning the “dies” was actually “does”. ["i" and "o" live side by side on qwerty].

    Sat Sri Akal.
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    Dear @God is one

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    We are sure every problem has a solution!

    All the best! :)
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    All the best to you both. Personally I see no reason why you shouldn't be together in matrimony whether you want to become sikh or not..
    Wish you all the very best
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    Christians believe there is no difference between Jesus and God they are one and the same. And they believe the universe is separate from and not in any way linked to God - it exists somewhere else while God exists within a realm known as heaven.

    Yes dies was a typo (does) as in God does not take birth. There is a food reason and explanation...

    Gurbani tells us creation is IN the creator and also the creator is in the creation. There is only one and this is an illusion or dream... if it’s a dream in a very real sense... one dreamer God... we are all dream characters where ego has created false identities and the only true identity is he divine jot within us. A dream has a dreamer external to the dream and where everything in the dream is really one thing.... the thought of the dreamer / creator. The dream is within the dreamer and the dreamer is also within the dream while asleep... immersed within that dreamworld (they must be or else the dream collapses correct?) How can the dreamer ever take birth in the dream? Ideas and characters can take birth as they are thoughts brought to life by the dreamer. But the dreamer is external. If the dreamer somehow left the external world and took birth in the dream there would be no dreamer and the dream collapses. And besides everything within the dream is false. All things solid only feel so because of electrical impulses in the mind of he dreamer. In reality there is no scent or light or solidness of matter. It’s ALL merely pure frequency. This world IS that dream of Waheguru. This is why Waheguru can never take birth. A character can awaken within the dream and realize their divine origins and that they are dreaming. But that is different.

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