We Live In A Boundless World Of Thoughts!

Tejwant Singh

Received this email which I thought I would share with all.​
We Live in a Boundless World of Thoughts

Thought alone is the whole world, the great pains, the old age, death and the great sin, earth, water, fire, air, ether. Thought binds a man. He who has controlled his thoughts, is a veritable God on this earth.
You live in a world of thoughts. First is thought. Then there is the expression of that thought through the organ of speech. Thought and language are intimately connected. Thoughts of anger, bitterness and malice injure others. If the mind which is the cause of all thoughts vanishes, the external objects will disappear.
Thoughts are things. Sound, touch, form, taste and odour, the five sheaths, the waking, the dreaming and deep sleep states-all these are the products of mind. Sankalpa, passion, anger, bondage, time-know them to be the result of mind. Mind is the king of the Indriyas or senses. Thought is the root of all mental process.
The thoughts that we perceive all round us are only the mind in form or substance.
Thought creates, thought destroys. Bitterness and sweetness do not lie in the objects, but they are in the mind, in the subject, in thinking. They are created by thought.
Through the play of the mind or thought upon objects, proximity appears to be a great distance and vice versa. All objects in this world are unconnected; they are connected and associated together only by thought, by the imagination of your mind. It is the mind that gives colour, shape, qualities to the objects. Mind assumes the shape of any object it intensely thinks upon.
Friend and enemy, virtue and vice are in the mind only. Every man creates a world of good and evil, pleasure and pain, out of his own imagination only. Good and evil, pleasure and pain do not proceed from objects. These belong to the attitude of your mind. There is nothing good nor pleasant in this world. Your imagination makes it so.

Thoughts, Electricity and Philosophy
Thoughts are giant-powers. They are more powerful than electricity. They control your life, mould your character, and shape your destiny.
Mark how one thought expands into many thoughts, within a short time. Suppose you get an idea to set up a tea-party for your friends. The one thought of 'tea' invites instantaneously the thoughts of sugar, milk, tea-cups, tables, chairs, table-cloth, napkins, spoons, cakes, biscuits, etc. So, this world is nothing but the expansion of thoughts.
The expansion of thoughts of the mind towards the objects is bondage; and, the renunciation of thoughts is liberation.
You must be very watchful in nipping the thoughts in the bud. Only then will you be really happy. Mind tricks and plays. You must understand its nature, ways and habits. Then only can you control it very easily.
The world's most extraordinary book of practical philosophical idealism of India is
Yoga-Vasishtha. The gist of this work is this: "The non-dual Brahman or the immortal soul alone exists. This universe as universe is not. Knowledge of the Self alone will free one from this round of births and deaths. Extinction of thoughts and Subtle Desire (Vasanas) is Moksha(Freedom). Expansion of mind alone is Sankalpa. Sankalpa or thought, through its power of differentiation generates this universe. This world is a play of the mind. This world does not exist in the three periods of time. Extinction of Sankalpas is Moksha . Annihilate this little 'I', Vasanas, Sankalpas, thoughts. Meditate on the Self and become a living-liberated soul (Jivanmukta)."

firstly id like to thank everyone in this forum for their time love and energy.
only got here last week but mind is totally absorbed
boy !! i don't know yet what, i don't know !!
this is great piece of work

propably the most important piece in all direction that spiritual movements are pointing. very close to the heart of the matter

it is very simple but we can complicate it as much as we want.

three worlds

phsyical - here

mental - wot u think is here

spiritual - wot is really here
made of up energy, information, matter, spirit etc.. all part of god

as we think we direct energy in direction of prodominant thoughts
we filter the world through the eyes we accept due to family religon sex etc..
we should do this, you should do that,
this is right
this is wrong
i am sikh, hindu muslim etc

we cant see reality, as we seeing through thoughts in our mind, therefore everything already baised. bais comes from family friends religous, political,
global, agendas. NOT REAL

after this 'programming' we try and fit in this amazing world in these limited structures then we all say we are right.
then we base all our energy effort in that direction. hence directin further energy in that direction. the five theives hunkar, maya, etc drain this energy
by you focusing your energy on these things you are causing more of these things to happen
our prodominant thoughts determine our life

dropping these thoughts we can free our energy
hence our spirits
trapped in these thoughts spirit gets choked
'grasps at small stones and pebbles while it rains rubies and pearls'

so aman jee
you asked how we can nip these in the bud


guru nanak says ek ong kar satnam
as name to focus and infuse your mind should be ong
ong is deepest/ primal/ hum of cosmic motor vibration in energitics
guru nanak says focus all your mind on these you'll be directing your energy in direction of this, hence manifesting god in your life, but heart and mind both gotta be fixed on this.

as ong so deep and primal vibration all other vibrations get reset.
so naam jaap all day long keeps you out of thoughts, in reality
and in close presence of god ie you sitting on what, you breathing what, you feeling what,
wotever your mind trys to trap you into.
ie get a job , have kids, don't eat beef. etc blah blah blah!! you get the point
will be destroyed by the prima;l vibrational of the world and draw mind back to your true path.

second easy way is to spend 50mins each day in nature

V spend 10 mins see everything all the details , colours etc...
A hear everything
K feel all from clothes on your back, to heart pumping, etc
G then taste everything you percieve
O smell all smells
you see what is happening is you use all five senses that stimulate your ALL your mind- the 95 % that is normally a sleep to bored with your everyday boring thoughts to wake up and smell the coffee.

do both together boy MAGIC!! VAKGO and NAAM JAAP shortcut to heaven

what you guys think????

try it today with all your heart and mind and give me some feedback about experiences.


How can our thoughts be nipped in the bud... perhaps with meditation...

Dear Aman ji

iit may seems odd to some of you but I would like to share how it works for me

YOu can nip each and every thought of your jsut as it starts in yourhead by observing it just as a observer without labeling it good or bad just dont pass any judgement and keep on observing it and with time it become your essential nature to observe each and every thought of your right at the start hwen it originates .( I personally started it few years back , at the time I was reading Jiddu KRISHNAMURTi)

But the very important thing in this no judgement should be there but just observe as bystander in road watching some juglar otherwise you will be feeling guilty at times and also proud at other which really spoils the game

now what will happen by this?
really great thing happen when observe yourself your sense of observation starts expanding and nature and habits improve effortlessly asI understand this is like it is impossible for man to keep on doing nonesense as their is always neutral being inside us which try to guide us but actually we never observe what we do so we hardly improve

Any way this is what I think and may be irrelevant to other s

Jatinder Singh
Any way this is what I think and may be irrelevant to other s

Jatinder Singh[/QUOTE]
not at all jatinder singh jee

we all looking in the same direction
anything that helps us to see clearly our choices/options helps each other
helping our concious evolution

we all sit around the table and suppose while the secret sits in the middle and knows

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