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We Are All Part Of The One

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by Aman Singh, May 11, 2010.

  1. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Awwal Allah noor upaya; Kudrat ke sabh bande
    Ek noor te sabh jag upajya; Kaun bhale kaun mande
    – Bhagat Kabirji, Sri Guru Granth Sahib

    One perfect lord manifested the first light; And of the same nature are all beings
    Though one light was the world created; so why worry who is good or bad

    One of the main philosophies of Sikhism that really resonates with me is the idea that we are all part of One Divine, God, Energy, Universe, Vaheguru, Allah, Ram, Lord etc. whatever is your choice of the word. The Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhs, which they consider as a living embodiment of all their Gurus has teachings from Masters of varied faiths. There is Bhagat Kabir who didn’t prescribe to any particular faith, while being born to Hindus and raised by Muslims. There are saints from the Hindu Bhakti movement like Namdevji and Sufi dervishes like Baba Farid. It is said that when Guru Nanakji, the first Sikh Guru, realized the divine light one of the first things he said was there is no Hindu and there is no Mussalman, underscoring the fact that we are but the same children in the metaphorical eyes of one creation.

    The same ideals were held through by all Sikh Gurus, with Guru Gobind Singhji, the tenth and last Sikh guru in the human form said Manas ki jaat sab ek pehchano, that the Divine recognizes all humans as one caste. There are martyrdoms of Guru Arjan Devji and Guru Teg Bahadurji, the fifth and ninth Gurus as examples of personal sacrifices made to uphold these ideals in times where believing and propagating such a philosophy was against the vested interests. We are blessed to live here at a time were these ideals are at least philosophically agreed upon by most people, even if they may not be practically followed. That said if we truly believe in these ideals, then there is lot we can do individually to live it in our daily lives as examples for the rest.

    Nothingness has no Religion
    Silence has no mantra
    Soul wears neither white or ochre
    Divine lives in neither stone or gold

    O Brothers and Sisters
    You are neither white or black
    Nor are you brown or yellow
    Hear the Unstruck Sound
    For it is forever with you

    Reference: sikhsailer.com
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  3. ik-jivan

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    May 4, 2010
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    <!--StartFragment -->Aman Singh Ji,
    The Oneness of all and the all-ness of the One is a logical conclusion . . . that is, a conclusion that can be drawn from a process of logical thinking, provided one is inclining his mind toward divine knowledge and Truth.

    It’s always perplexed me that there are religious wars, when each group insists they worship the True God, while all others of different religious persuasions worship false ones. If each and all define their God as ‘infinite’, ‘omnipresent’ and the Creator of all that exists it should be apparent that each and all are worshipping the same God. There can be only One ‘infinite’, ‘omnipresent’ Being. Furthermore, there can be nothing and no one existing outside of that One Being.

    There can be no renegades, no satans, no demons, devil or devas outside the control of the One Creator God. If all belong to God, there’s no enemy. There’s no one to hate. No one to abuse. No one to cheat. There is simply no excuse for willfully harmful behavior against another creature.

    The very moment a person rejects anyone or anything as being outside of their own infinite, omnipresent God, they have denied the infinity and the omnipresence of their own God. Perhaps it could even be said that they have denied and rejected the One and have chosen to adhere instead to their individual ego-god. Even so, one who worships their own individual ego-god is still within the One.

    One who believes in a God, who is omniscient, perfect and good must logically conclude that creation was created in the state of potentiality. Why? Because everything looks so messed up, it must be a work-in-progress and couldn’t possibly be a finished product. With that said, we should have patience and compassion and cut each other a little slack when we aren’t perfect, make mistakes and don’t know everything.

    Waheguru has a Divine Will and Plan that is perfectly designed, even if nothing and no one is yet perfect. He has all the time in all the worlds to wait and tinker around with His Project. Eventually, but inevitably, Waheguru ji ki fateh! We can assist with the Project and even become co-creators when we obey the Hukam of His Command. Obviously, with such a great undertaking, it is easy to see how it is a privilege to serve.

    Thanks for posting. It's a good vichar subject.

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